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  1. 4th picture there in the prone, awesome camouflage going on, as with the last group photo there.


    Considering how the AU stuff hasn't been of much use for the majority of people considering the types of skirmish sites that're out there, the FG is doing a really great job.


    If you look closely at the 4th picture you will notice that there is AU and FG in it, it is suprising how well both types work equally well in a number of different enviroments that you would think they wouldn't


  2. I'm liking that cover! Curious if that head lamp will catch on doors though. Have you considered using the Princeton Tec MPLS instead?


    I haven't had that happen yet but with being 6' 5" I could see that happening, it is on my to get list,the MPLS would be a better solution as I will need to move my current light when I starting running my pvs-14.

  3. I had some issues with these in my VFC's trying to get them to seal up correctly. I am shooting .25 and getting around 310fps when it is correct when it is not I am getting 75 to 80 Fps I tried three different brands of hop up rubbers and various springs trying to get it to seal I even put a small 1mm x 6mm o ring on the back where it enters the gearbox and resolved one of the seal problems on one of the guns. but the other I have no idea why it is giving me the low fps.

  4. I installed this on my King Arms M4 and it works perfectly, I also used a promothesus purple hop up rubber and and promothesus 6.03 inner barrel, as mention in this review the spring over the barrel is an ideal solution. My intial results our very consistent fps and great accuracy with this combination I will be installing two more on my VFC guns and giving them a through evalution I will post up in a couple of months and let you know after some use if there holding up.

  5. If your looking for authentic London Bridge Trading company gear this is the the place to get best prices best service, yes it is a local business in my state about an hour away. I visited the store directly and they had some items for lowest prices I had seen, some of the other items where not in stock and they had them dropped shipped to my door free of charge, I had my items within 5 days. I would highly recommend this company if you looking for some real world kit.

  6. I placed a couple of orders and 1 rather large order with Airsoft Global, I first would like to say there communication is Excellent they our prompt to get back with you thru email and they speak very fluent english, they answered all my questions specifically. Also there shipping to the US is extremely fast 3 days has been the normal shipping time to get my items. I would highly recommend airsoft global to anybody looking for a reliable retailer over seas for those hard to find airsoft items.

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