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  1. Yes it is possible to lower the fps of the G&G GBB rifles, and cutting the spring is not the answer. I will have some downgrade parts available soon just hang in there.
  2. Here is my Ajax Custom Noveske Tribute Build. It is an awesome rifle and deserved a video. http://youtu.be/fCouNoIyO4c
  3. Here I am fighting in the Utah Deserts with my XM110 with over a 100 operators http://youtu.be/KLjXbzSv0wU
  4. Thanks, Proud to support the TBOC where ever I can, it is a great group and I am glad that I am part of it.
  5. http://www.facebook.com/events/436421409712188/ Operation: Desert Heat June 30 is a build day. We will spend 2 hours filling and placing sandbags. If you do not wish to participate in the build please come out around 2pm MST. We will be running a day scenario, force on force, gas only games and a night scenario. Be sure to be prepared. Sunscreen, food and water are a must to have a good time. Please be sure to bring a signed waiver http://www.facebook.com/download/411254875593930/waiver.pdf Please Read and understand our Rules of engagem
  6. TM G17 Custom with with real steel Insight M6X
  7. Here our the twins, I purchased these specifically for Operation Lion Claws. I plan on shooting uscmCorps repeatedly with these. They have big brothers to.
  8. You can see where I filed down the middle area hump just above the screw and washer. What is happening is the hump is just bit too proud and you need to knock it down it causing it to work like a teeter totter.
  9. I placed a couple of orders and 1 rather large order with Airsoft Global, I first would like to say there communication is Excellent they our prompt to get back with you thru email and they speak very fluent english, they answered all my questions specifically. Also there shipping to the US is extremely fast 3 days has been the normal shipping time to get my items. I would highly recommend airsoft global to anybody looking for a reliable retailer over seas for those hard to find airsoft items.
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