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  1. Well, I don't have a true display, but this is how I display them when people come over.









    The funny thing is that both of those cases were around the same price - $20. The pistol case was actually a little more expensive than the rifle case!

  2. Yeah, I was wondering how the selector switch would work before I got it, but it's incredibly simple. All the way down (the 3 dots) is auto, in the middle is burst (basically the same as auto...), and at the top (the single dot) is semi. Also, the saftey is seperate from the selector switch (unlike most rifles), which I've come to love.


    The faux wood looks MUCH better than the online-retailers' pictures make it look. I almost don't want to get a wood kit because I love the look of the deep finish that's on it now!


    I have small hands, but I love hand cannons. Anything smaller than an M92 just feels weird to me. M93s, and DEs, and Mk. 23s, OH MY!

  3. Here are some pics of my new KSC M93R II with metal outter barrel and slide.





    (Yes, my finger is on the trigger... bite me.)




    Not bad, if I do say so myself, for my first GBB...

  4. I'm tired of people just taking a pic of their GBB, making it B&W and calling it artistic. That's just lazy. <_<



    Here's my newest purchase:




    (If the wood looks like it's standing out, that's because it is. ;) )

  5. I'll post pictures of my Escot M26A1 as soon as I get mine from the 2nd shipment from redwolf. I can't wait to test it out, as well as the other stuff I'm getting... :D


    I love this thread! I can't wait to see everyone's cool stuff, especially claymores.

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