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  1. I forgot about my Mirco UZI! I have another one, but it's in several dozen pieces. I sprayed the tip and "magazine" (does not actually hold BBs) chrome. You can't see it in these pics, but there's a rubber band holding the door of the gravity-fed hopper closed. This thing isn't workin upside down, lol.




    With my PSP (<3) and phone. Note the picture of my Spetsnaz on the PSP:



    Sorry for the bad lighting and pics - my camera sucks.

  2. I would post a pic of my friends really cheap pistol, but I think he threw it away. It was a "3 Dollar Pistol" (because it one of the pistols bought at a flea-market for $3 each) that was originally black, then poorly painted blue, then poorly painted black again. The gun was spring and must have shot at around 70 fps. The paint was so thick that you could barely cock the slide back.

  3. While looking through redwolf's GBB grip section, I found this.




    The name just says "KWC Grip" and doesn't specify any model of gun. Anyone know if this is made for a DE or if it will even fit?

  4. I'm just making sure all the pics I've seen are still up to date...


    The dual-tone CO2 has no rubber grips (just flat pistol grip), while the black CO2 has ergonomic rubber grips, right? That really sucks because I like dual-tone since I like to stand out (EVERYONE has a black pistol), but I'm not crazy about the standard grip of a DE.


    This throws a wrench into my previously-solid decision to get the dual-tone. :unsure:

  5. Oh, I get it now. I thought "slicing pie" was referring to his perfectly straight back, not how he actually turned the corner. In that case, I guess I slice pie a lot (don't play much urban anymore). I never get on my bellie and look - you'd get shot when someone walked up behind you!


    I guess I usually slice or straffe the corner. :blush: I never thought it was bad...

  6. Here's a pic of me today. I was the VIP, so (expecting to get OWNED) I wore 4 layers on my upper body, 2 pairs of gloves, a balaclava, a beanie, and a mask. I couldn't feel anything, and I never even got shot at. I had to take the right white glove off because it was so bulky that I couldn't get my finger throught the trigger guard on a DE!




    Note - this is NOT how I usually look while playing!!!

  7. Ah, too about the grip. :( Well, if you ever found it, lemmie know please.


    Here are some updated pics of my Spetsnaz, fresh from painting (dust cover):







    (20,000+ rounds)

  8. Yeah, blue gas is 1.5x as powerful as red gas. If you put it in a GBB, the slide would literally fly off on the blowback.


    It is illegal in every major country except Mexico. They put that in the Mk1 Carbine and get speeds up to 660 fps!

  9. I thought it was just a black AK-47S, but then I noticed the handguard. I've never seen one before... it's like my chihuahua - so ugly it's beautiful.


    Too bad it doesn't have RIS though. Also, maybe it's just the lack of RIS, but it looks like the handguard is a little stretched compared to the current Spetsnaz.

  10. I beleive on the stock is to hold on the screws (the bottom two have both fallen out of mine :( ), though I don't know why there is some AROUND the grip - the screw's on bottom.


    I love how everyone paints their 47's black to look more like a Spetsnaz. :D

  11. It's an $8 plastic mag, not a $400 AEG - I don't think they can really screw me over. Worst comes to worst and I'm out $8. Ouch.


    Even if I don't buy anything it'll still be fun to go inside my first retail store (and get to show my dad and aunt/uncle about airsoft).

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