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    Currently I have a SOPMOD M4A1 (Echo 1), Sig P226 (TM)

    I have a MarCIRAS (MJK), Point Blank FSBE, several Point Blank IBAs in woodland and one in ACU, SDS RACK, Supreme Protector RBA w/Eagle RBA mag pouch, TT 2-piece MAV w/padded X-harness, TT 1-Piece MAV w/modular Bib, DBT FAPC, safariland 6004, woodland Paraclete RAV to name a few. I have a collection of U.S. gear from the Vietnam way and Iraqi gear.
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  1. How do you guys know that IBHs were never used by CAG? The owner of Mayflower R&C posted his IBH on a forum a while back (and he was SF).
  2. The TYR pouch that I have is for 9mm pistol mags and it fits M9 and P226 mags. Im not sure if it will fit 9mm glock mags (a friend of mine told me that they wont), however TYR does offer 9mm pistol mag pouches sized specifically for Glock mags. It takes up 2 MOLLE columns. Its a good pouch, its really lightweight.
  3. Nice kits Nasty and Master Titled. You guys have motivated me to share mine, so here it goes. Crye CPC Tyr double 9mm Tyr SOF IFAK TQS Gen III MET Crye wide GP pouch TAG slap charge pouch Im still waiting on a Crye pack back panel and a CPC mag pouch that have been on back order since December. I would like to add a kydex M4 mag pouch and a frag pouch. I may swap out the Crye wide GP pouch for a smaller GP pouch.
  4. To me the rifle looks like a regular M4 CQBR with the DD block 2 rail and one of those magwell skirts or whatever their called. ctres94, keep in mind that just because he is regular SF, that doesnt mean that DEVGRU/CAG/ACE dont use the plate frame as well.
  5. PCU is standard. They sometimes are even seen with Arcteryx LEAF apparel.
  6. Ive always found Crye customer service to be extremely helpful. Lately a lot of stuff has been on back order, but when you manufacture excellent products people are going to go crazy and want them.
  7. Looks pretty good. I'd suggest getting a 3" X 5" US flag patch, Tyr mini SOF IFAK, JPC MBITR pouch, and maybe some JPC side plate pouches. Here a link to the flag patch because people always seem to ask where to get one when their mentioned. http://www.gijoesmilitarysurplus.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=538_605&products_id=3972
  8. The buckle on the CPC is removeable. You dont have to use it.
  9. This guy is who you are referring to? (MBAV)
  10. The Safariland 6377/6378 is another great holster option, and it is pretty inexpensive. Also, your retention lanyard is attached to your riggers belt incorrectly.
  11. Sept 13th, 2011, Kishim District, Babakashan province, Afghanistan. I spy a couple Crye CPCs with SFLCS V.2 beavertail assault packs. [/url] Hi-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res Hi-Res
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