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  1. Probably the best place to ask this:


    I have an ICS MGL and the stock has broken. As in, the 3 point adjustment for elevation has snapped and the stock flops about now. Anyone know where I could find a new whole rear stock set? Basically from where it bolts onto the back of the body.




    Where can I buy this basically


  2. You could get a Tremel-no. A device which turns your locking trem into basically a hard tail. Giving you the look, and the super low action benefits of a locking trem without the craptastic effects if you break a string.


    And we all love micro tuner pegs. God send for tiny adjustments

  3. Just got my TM glock 17 but how do I fit the glow in the dark front sight in? the rear one went on pretty easy but im having a challange with this front sight. Wish it came with a manual, but alas 2nd hand sales arnt always perfect.

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