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  1. Probably the best place to ask this: I have an ICS MGL and the stock has broken. As in, the 3 point adjustment for elevation has snapped and the stock flops about now. Anyone know where I could find a new whole rear stock set? Basically from where it bolts onto the back of the body. Edit: Where can I buy this basically http://www.icsbb.com/web_e/html/02_products/show.aspx?kind1=12&kind2=30&num=674
  2. Probably the cheapest thing in this thread, but I had loads of win with it today.
  3. Very nice. Shame to get it all muddy when it gets full of airsofters.
  4. I was up at Loch Tay with my mates for a banterful day out. Took some pics but I wanted to share this one in particular because I think its came out the best.
  5. Terrible pictures but heres me breaking in my new Hero Shark mask
  6. My Scar has decided to only shoot in automatic, even when I select semi. Any idea's on a fix?
  7. The room that video is took in looks pretty smokey/dusty which would make the green laser look more WHAOAH! than it really is. Saying that I dont suppose it would be all that hard to get a green laser in. You'd just have to be careful with what your doing inside the box
  8. Windows Chess. I clearly won the game and yet it says the game is a draw?
  9. Pretty much. You'll be the unique kid in town. Have seen a few Black Scar L's but nevaar a H or an SSR of any colour
  10. There is a junction on the way to Glasgow (heading into the east of glasgow if you were coming from Edinburgh) that has the Slip road of traffic joining come from the right hand side. So all the slow moving traffic joins right into the "fast" lane. Ridiculous
  11. I have a window sign that says "keep honking if you've never seen a gun fired from a moving vehicle" and a picture of an armalite. Pretty hardcore Xmas gift.
  12. You could get a Tremel-no. A device which turns your locking trem into basically a hard tail. Giving you the look, and the super low action benefits of a locking trem without the craptastic effects if you break a string. And we all love micro tuner pegs. God send for tiny adjustments
  13. some CQB in the dark. Tracers, pyro you name it its here!
  14. Seen a few armed Rozzers on the news and they had MP5's that with only semi auto markings, and what I'd guess are 10rd mags. Almost like MP5K mags..
  15. do you still have full adjustability with the green laser? The banhammer on my work pc isnt letting me view your video
  16. Laser adjustment on mines was a bit of a pain in the *albartroth*. Took ages to get it to even move and the plastic scores pretty easily if you slip with the screw driver...
  17. SSR...yummm. Holding out for a GBB version so I can has DMR'esc Scar.
  18. You know what? This thread needs more SCARS. I'm not one to disappoint so..
  19. Just got my TM glock 17 but how do I fit the glow in the dark front sight in? the rear one went on pretty easy but im having a challange with this front sight. Wish it came with a manual, but alas 2nd hand sales arnt always perfect.
  20. What scopes that you have on the last pic? Paint it in red tiger lulz!
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