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  1. The only and last thing I want to say about the claimed temps of the mags is that the people don't actually KNOW what temperature the MAG was at when it exploded. Just because it was in an environment where the ambient temp was "40C" you have no way of knowing the actual temp the MAG reached sitting in direct sunlight.


    So who wants to go take one of those IR temp gauges, put their mag in the sunlight, and wait for it to explode so we know what the real point of failure is?

    FYI, mine exploded during the night in a bed room. There was no Sun's light at all that moment. My friend's mag exploded because he left his exposed to direct Sun 's light since then all members in my team have kept mag from direct Sun's light. I have never used CO2 with my BB guns.

  2. After my mag got exploded, I have switch to mixed gas between 134A and high pressure gas (3:1) . Now it could stand 40C degree. I have 3 mags . None of them leaked or exploded during the day. I started playing from 10:00 to 17:00 . The highest temp was a bit above 40C in the afternoon and it was a sunny day.

  3. 12 gram, the ones that cost about $1 ea, half that in some places and if in bulk.



    You and another guy (can't remember who exactly). Looks to be an isolated case. Find a mate with a working M4 and swap parts with him to see exactly what part in your gun is doing the damage. On the bright side, at least you're not the guy who's magazine exploded. I've counted two globally (disregarding the guy who pumped CO2 in his) one in Thailand and one here in the Philippines, only the guy here had it on his vest when it blew up.

    If that referred to me. I had only R22 in my magazine. But the temp was high. Magazine wall is so thin to handle CO2 anyway.

  4. @ NetRonin:



    Nice one! You'd need an m16A1 grip and LR for it to be 100% but it's cool anyway. What Aimpoint is this? I heard the Recoil eats pretty much all replica APs for breakfast...

    Thanks. It is G&P. It works just fine. However, I met one guy at local airsoft field. He had G&P aimpoint on his WA. His Aimpoint did not work well. It kept turning on/off all the time during shooting. My other two friends of mine have G&P aimpoint on their WE but have never had any problem either. We use them for skirmish almost every week. Had some minor problems before but now they work really fine.
  5. awesome, thanks a lot!


    So there is nothing else I ´have to touch in the trigger group. I had doubts if something inside the trigger group would fall apart when I just punch the pin out.

    This pin only locks trigger group's case in place. Nothing in it would fall.

  6. Yeah tell me about it.... but you can still buy them elsewhere though.


    I hope nobody gets mad when I ask again but nobody answered me in the first place:


    Is there anything I need to keep in mind when installing the anti rotation pins?


    Or is it a simple punch the old pin out and put the new one in affair?

    Just punch the top left pin (when your barrel points to the left of your hand) . replace it with a pin that comes in the package.

    I have one on mine.



  7. I have some experiences with WE that I want to share. I have tried several brands of gas in local market including those which are labeled as green gas . I have found that if gas has silicone mix the gun will have a bad grouping. So now I use 75% of 134a with 25% of high power gas as propane with no silicone (after trial and error). The grouping is better at 15 meters but not as good as AEG. I still have old version hopup on my gun (waiting for 6.02 to come out to the market). My gun shoots around 345 - 355 fps with .25 marui brand. The temperature is 38-40 C here . I don't think this formula will work every place in the world since the temperature is deferent from place to place. But this is how we improved our WE.


    This is next thing my friend is working on,a stainless disconnecter. He has handmade this with metal and tried with my friend's WE. It works fine. Now he is sending this diagram to a shop that can produce this with laser. This time it will be stainless steel. After testing this with my gun, I will tell how it performs.




  8. "Annoyed". That is the word I was looking for...


    I have bought 2 Steel Nozzle Assemblies.

    Those have no o-ring on the nozzle part.

    Seems nobody who bought these got o-rings.


    I didn't try yet, but I suppose the assemblies are useless without the o-rings.


    So I get to this questions:


    -has someone got the Steel Nozzle Assembly installed and working?

    -if so: with are without this o-ring?

    -if "with o-rings": where did you get those?


    I hope I will find this info (AND the o-rings if needed) real soon. Otherwise I feel "conned".


    I guess AB gets the Steel Nozzle Assy's from TS-1? And I read even TS-1 didn't send out the o-rings yet?

    So ALL Steel Nozzle Assemblies sold so far are useless? it is around 37-38 degree and high humidity where I live now.


    I'm not happy. :angry:


    But: have a nice weekend you all !


    I have bought 2 steel nozzles (300 fps) from Airsoftbuddy. One is for my gun and another one is for my friend's. Both have been put on WE M4s to replace original ones. They work fine. Although there is no oring in the picture at airsoftbuddy, those I have received have oring on them. And FYI , both gun now shoot around 370 .

  9. Thats really strange seeing as R22 has similar vapor pressure to propane. Of course there's temperature; leave it under the sun and go over 40°C without the cover is asking for trouble as that will peak to well over 200psi. But still, you should stop using that as it eats ozone like a sugar-deprived child with a bag of oreos. And don't use them without the covers because it adds structural support.




    hfc134a=duster gas

    r22~similar to but not the same as green gas/propane


    It was during the night around 21:00. The weather was a around 36-37.

    "But still, you should stop using that as it eats ozone like a sugar-deprived child with a bag of oreos" This is interesting. Probably need to stop using R22 from now on. Thanks for the info.


    Although, I got this incident, I still trust WE. It should be fine when using lower pressure gas. My team has around 16 WE M4 Magazines. Just two got exploded like this. Another broken one was my friend's fault , he left under the Sun with full tank of gas (that gas was not R22. ).

  10. Take a look what hot weather in my country could do the WE mag. I live in Thailand. It is veryyyyyyyy hot now. I use R22 with my gas guns (pistols and one M4). I may need to switch to lower pressure gas for WE during summer. This mag had been leaked (I have four. All were leaked. All other there have been fixed and worked great) , so I asked my friend to fix it for me. This one he did not put MAG's cover on . He just wanted to check if it could hold the pressure and then "BANG". One piece hit a light bulb and darkened the room. Luckily, it did not hit my friend (he left it and went to the rest room). Although it was the first time for us that R22 could do something like this, I don't think this is a mistake from WE. Weather in my country causes lots of problems with gas gun.












  11. Hey redline,

    Apparently it is a flat/semi gloss black but I'll confirm that when I get back home.


    Is anyone using a Hurricane EoTech on their WE M4?

    I really want an EoTech 553 but I'm unsure if an ACM will hold up to the recoil so I thought I would spend a bit more and go for the Hurricane version in tan.

    However I just want to make sure that it will hold up to the recoil because it wouldn't be so bad if the ACM version broke but a $200 Hurricane...not so good :P


    I can confirm that ACM will not survive WE's recoil. My friend has tried that and failed. I just want to have EoTech replica as well. So far I cannot find one that can stand WE's recoil. Been thinking about Hurricane as well. Just only could not find one who has tried it on WE. So now, I have G&P Aimpoint on my WE. It works great.

  12. Net Ronin, thanks for the pics. You know how its shaped like a cylinder, with the 2 sides shaved off say the have straight walls? Where are the straight edges? Did you install them facing east/west in the bolt carrier or north/south? Yeah this sounds kinda confusing...thought I'd ask anyways.

    I put shaved off sides against the wall of the bolt carrier. Round sides will be top and at bottom of the bolt carrier. Sorry , I do not understand east/west term. Could you please explain how to figure which side is east/west/north/south if you do not mind?


  13. If you keep checking valve rod every time before and after using your WE and put some kind of lock tight to keep guide rod in place, you probably don't need this stabilizer. I just wanted to try this stabilizer. I think I may need to use it for some time and then compare with those which do not have a stabilizer on.

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