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  1. As the original poster, I do not believe people on here are trashing the Tavor as I pointed out the gun is solid and well made, but for a gun costing £450 no one should be having to fix the sight if you bought a car and the windscreen wipers did not work correctly would you be happy! Gun is great, but its sold with a sight so it should work simple.
  2. I agree the mars sight is poor and I feel that allot of the online store selling this gun do not giving the customer good information on it. I would say the price should be £350 not £ 450 I'm going to keep my gun as there will not be many of them around but other than that its nothing special. ARES if you look at these posts take note sort out the design problems and the Mars sight. Thanks for the movie show the problem and the laser is usless as well.
  3. The mars scope is ok its well made, but needs a bit of fiddling to get it accurate as I the screws are loose I'm very through, it seems other guys have its a new gun wow but they don't seem to take a close look at how it's going to work in field I do. I have removed the mars sight, which is done by removing the sling loop in front of the sight and then the small Allen screw behind the scope slide the assembly at the rear of the scope out then remove 4 small screws, the mars scope slides back and up there are 2 small screws under the scope which remove it from the rail which is like the L
  4. I'm going to field test it and do full range test with a further more detailed review. I found playing around with a gun at home really is a poor test and using it in a full skirmish in the field reveals the true quality of a gun, so I'm going to make sure its up to the job.
  5. Thanks, uses the same batteries
  6. The hopup seems to be good mag clip is solid and needs good pressure to release so don't see any problems there. the gun is accurate only tried it at 50 feet with 2 inch grouping nice! , but will give a detailed site report soon as that will give the true test. the body is strong no movement and the barrel is good quality. Overal build is good and so it should be for the money as I say some re-design would make this an excelent gun. Mags do have some wobble, which may annoy some players, but I'm fussy so you may be fine. Laser button on front grip Mars sight on of and la
  7. Ok here are some pictures! Mars Sight with adjuster screw Hop up with slide fully back Battery compartmet you can see the slide, which can get caught on the wires
  8. Sure I'll take some pictures soon and do a skirmish report with some site pictures.
  9. Ares Tavor Tar 21 Review I have recently purchased the Tavor and have been testing it. I thought this information would be useful for palyers thinking of purchasing this gun. The gun is well constructed mostly of nylon type composite and with some metal parts. My gun fired at 330 fps out of the box and had a good ROF using a 9.6v mini battery, which is a tight fit. The mars sight had no up or down adjustment indicators on the adjustor screws, which made it harder to adjust as I had to find out which one did left and right and what did up and down. The screws moves freely with
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