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  1. Does this sound right? I put a madbull 6.01 tightbore (same length as stock), a guarder clear bucking and madbull m110 spring. I'm shooting 340 FPS with .25...does it seem low?
  2. Thanks for the link! Never heard of that bucking before..seems very interesting. Have you ordered from these guys before? Easy process/fast shipping?
  3. Cool. I ordered one of those and a systema one..heard good things about both of them. I tried using the Madbull Red and the G&P ones with poor results...the stock bucking was superior to those. I think, I could be wrong, but the outer diameter of the stock barrel is a smidge thicker than other barrels. Reason for this theory, is when I replaced the stock barrell with a madbull 6.01 tightbore, the barrel slid into the bucking easier than the stock barrel.
  4. I have a 6.01mm madbull tightbore and tried using a G&P bucking...I got similar results to jimmythetool....the bb's were everywhere...in otherwords, I didn't notice any performance gains vs the stock barrel and stock bucking. I'm gonna try replace the bucking with the stock one and will post results. I didn't notice any FPS gain either. Stock, it was firing 320 FPS with .20. It was still firing 320 after the tightbore.
  5. ^lol. I guess that would work, too.
  6. Good to hear. I ordered one from HK (crosses fingers that its legit and not a knock-off). Which bucking did you switch over too?
  7. can anyone recommend a set of rails to screw onto the stock foregrip? both sides and bottom
  8. Cool video. WETTI, is the WE SCAR a copy of the gen I SCAR or the gen II (or are they up to gen III now?) SCAR? Thanks.
  9. redline

    AGM M4 GBB

    The question is: Is there an adapter that we can use to use duster gas?
  10. redline

    AGM M4 GBB

    Amen! If this is as good as it sounds, sayonara WE!!
  11. Forgot to add...if escape channels are present in the design, why aren't they working? Isn't the purpose of escape channels prevention of exploding mags? Someone enlighten me..... *edit* Oops. Newcomer asked the same thing.
  12. WETTI, I probably missed it, but were these instructions found anywhere in the manual...or perhaps even on the box the magazines came in? I'm afraid a person that doesn't frequent airsoft forums might not know.
  13. Chill out, dude. Your attitude just makes you look stupid. Freq88 WAS TRYING to have an educated discussion. Too bad your immature response just negated everything you have to say. I don't know whether poor craftsmanship or quality control (ie leaky mags) count as "escape channels". I'm not saying the WA are any better...in fact, they suck at keeping a seal. But one thing they got right was the lack of exploding mags. Why should WE be any different? I mean, what would you rather have? Exploding mags or non-exploding mags? I'm guessing this is one of the reasons that the WAs are sooo much
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