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  1. They've ordered & been shipped EVERY single parts (at least 20 each). Email them & ask. If they're sold out, then pls remind them to re-order.
  2. NO it has not! Sorry for the delay, but work has just been crazy around here.... promise to do it within a week. WETTI
  3. In the U.S., Evike.com stocks EVERY part of the M4 currently. Pls check with them, thanks! WETTI
  4. I'll look into that issue ASAP. Apologize for the inconvenience.
  5. There's no statement that I can give at this time simply because of the 'lack of facts' from the official agencies!! My action is precautionary only at this time. Once I learn more & at the liberty to discuss it further in public, I will do so indeed. How I wish it's a simple 'YES' or 'NO' answer.... WETTI
  6. I couldn't agree with you more & I ask for nothing in return. I'm here as a service which I feel is necessary for any industry, no just airsoft. But now I'm starting to realize how difficult it can be and I can see the reason why no one else is doing it. Don't get me wrong though...I'll still be here long after I'm beaten into pulp by you guys. As they say: It's a dirty job & someone has to do it; why not me? Cheers always, WETTI
  7. Sorry something is not working right on our download section... Please, for the time being download the manuals from the below links: WE AWSS M4-series manual WE AWSS SCAR manual WETTI
  8. This is what I'll say: Even from the very beginning when the WE M4 was introduced, whichever 'version' gun you purchased from our listed dealers should be the WETTI/AFC-exclusive version at the time. You only need to distinguish your gun's anodized receivers from the 'painted' ones on 'non-WETTI/AFC-version' guns. However, having said that, there is a period of time in the beginning when some of the retailers had acquired 'non-WETTI/AFC-version' guns from other sources prior to reaching an agreement with us; thus the case for these retailers selling off the remaining stock of the 'non-WETTI/AF
  9. Point taken, Chris. I was not here for the praise, nor the 'pat-on-the-back'; nice as they are, I'm only here to do a job as best I could because this is one channel where I feel I can gather feedbacks to our products directly at the user-level. I appreciate all the support & 'blind praise' (as you put it) from everyone here who gave it, but I didn't come here to 'expect' it. Indeed, I hope everyone would just read your last few posts & 'see beyond' (as you put it). The fact remains that I, WETTI, is here for your service & if I can find just one way to make our products more appea
  10. Fine. I have NOT help anyone here...isn't that the truth? This is really a cold world, ya know.... Anyway, Chris, neither do I want to argue with you; but then again, you made it sound like it is something WRONG in what I did/do. I beg to differ. WarChild: Evidently you have not read my email thoroughly enough. You keep bring up the 'lack-of-communication' issue & made it look like you have no other choice but to jump ship. That is fine by me, it's a free world out there; you have the choice of whom you want to deal with, no problem. But you seem to leave out the most important
  11. Thank you for reminding me!! I believe that is exactly how some retailers would like the general public to see. I do believe that I've stressed enough times here about that very fact; but thank you for pointing that out nonetheless. WETTI
  12. WarChild: Why don't you try to explain this a bit... I think you owe these ppl at least that much. WETTI
  13. Chris: 1. All this ###### came from some retailers trying to latch on & advertised falsely (or trying to lead ppl to believe that) about the origin of the guns. 2. The 'version' thing was NOT my creation, I hope you can remember that. In fact, I've cleared that up already long ago. 3. There is, in fact, a difference between our M4s & the other WE M4s that were/are available to some of the distributors/retailers. Ours is an exclusive version to us (WETTI & AFC); the rest are simply painted guns. 4. There is another concern that we have with regard to our M4s i
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