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  1. ICS M4 Commando(Sportline / Plastic) Review Background: I've had 5 AEG's in my 18 months of airsofting, all of which were chinese clones: JG Aug A3 Dboys M4 KART M14 Dboys KAC PDW JG HK416 Out of the list, only the JG 416 remains (it was the 2008 release with pre-installed MOSFET and Tightbore Barrel as standard) and even then, beyond a good ROF and sturdiness it never "WOW"'ed me with its performance. It was after looking back at my clone army that I decided to try and move away from the cheap and cheerful Chinese clones and look closer at getting an RIF from one of the hi
  2. cpldave

    AGM M4 GBB

    Thanks for the great replies poison. Glad to hear the gun is doing OK with your strenuous testing regime I was searching the RATech website for an estimate on parts to get and hit a snag. The RATech Inner Barrel with attached hop-up comes in 3 lengths, I would guess it is the Medium length that we would need for the M4, but can you confirm. So far these are the RATech Part numbers I am adding to my parts list: RAG-WA-bolt-022 = NPAS Kit only (no bolt carrier) ~80 USD RAG-WA-front sight-003 = Inner Barrel + Hop-Up ~120 USD Any clarification on the ba
  3. cpldave

    AGM M4 GBB

    Hi All, Well I'm sold... a couple of things I'd like to know from some of the GBB old-hats. Why do people use duster and propane over 134a and Green Gas? and, is "Duster" just compressed air that you use to clean electronics and keyboards? Forgive the ignorance. What is the benefit of getting the entire assembled RATech NPAS Bolt over just the NPAS Kit? (There is about $80 difference in cost.. want to know if it's worth it or if the NPAS kit itself will suffice in this gun). Where is everyone ordering their NPAS kits from? I have seen some on the Tokyo Model Company website and a E
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