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  1. Source and price of the lower??????
  2. I don't doubt this.I just say it looks strange to my yes. :-)
  3. When I was serving my time in the army I saw quite a few G-3A3s that were pinky, redish (due to oxidization) or even bare metal due to extraordinary use of force in the cleaning process. It was a funny thing to see but it was also a NO-NO.These weapons were given only to new recruits and were not good for shooting. So...I made a connection in my head that any bare metal gun is not good for shooting...I actually don't like'em although I find them interesting.
  4. It's not a matter of ability but of priorities.Anyway... Each person has it's opinion.Not bad for me.
  5. You are 100% right but again with nitesighters you can have more than one guns ready to "work" at night while with trijicon you need sets of sights for each of them.And the price for a trijicon is not just 60$ it's about 110-160 for most of their iron sights.For a real steel user it's acceptable but for an airsofter??
  6. I used a nitesighters spare I had and it's great. And cheaper..
  7. Are you sure this is the correct url? It doesn't work for me...
  8. I think yes but wait for the gurus to respond.
  9. Do you have a link or something? I did some search on google but I didn't find any reference to the kit you mention.
  10. I was thinking of a madbull skeleton stock. If a pdw fits shouldn't a skeleton fit too? Taking for granted that they use the same attachement plate.
  11. The mag can hold a big quantity of gas but I never expect it to hold that much.
  12. Have you mod the mags using the follower or it was preinstalled? If you didn't then this might be the reason you have no leaks.
  13. Mine shoots like a charm and I have it for two years now.Well I don't field it every weekend but I do some firing every once in a while.
  14. Can you give us a link to see it?
  15. It's been sometime since I tested mine but if my memory serves me well I had no accuracy issues too.
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