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  1. I dont like quoting pictures, but I cannot shoot that! Saw parts from WE well over a year ago, and still pictures of a few parts is all I see. I didnt get any reply from them when I tried to email them, so as far as I am concerned this probably aint gonna happen. With regards to the Escort/YE MP5, the dimensions are all off, a big upset for me, more than the performance of the gun, although it seems to be pretty easy to slip the collar on the YE design. consistancy wise, yes it is better due to the design, so tuning for accuracy is more consistant. Recoil is better and it makes a bigger
  2. Well, I have been away for a while, and see my review is still going strong!! So, after over a year after writing my initial review do I still feel the same way about this gun? Well, there is still no sign of the WE MP5, so I guess we will probably never see that one, so that leaves no choice still if you want a gas MP5. I would like to mention that I also have an Escort MP5 and do not consider it anywhere near as good as this gbb. In fact, the Systema MP5 is the only model I have not owned (I like the MP5!) I do not currently use my vfc. The main reason for this is due to the ma
  3. The VFC G36 is now using GenII mags, I might still think about getting one, though reviews on them are pretty scarse. I know that they dont have as strong a recoil as the WE version, but I dont know how they handle the cold, something that the WE does amazingly well.
  4. Personally I would stick to the polymer ones, and the one that I installed is the one linked to earlier. I managed to test the gun, and it works fine again. I got no feed jams or feeding issues. I am starting to notice the inconsistancy of the hop a little more now as it is starting to bed in, so now is the time for me to start fiddling about with that, as I have said earlier that I wanted to give a chance to get some rounds through it and start to break in before I adjust it, mainly I think because it is such a pain to adjust! I am hoping that once the hop is adjusted properly then it m
  5. Well, thanks to that link Hitman I ordered that feed nozzle. It came with no instructions how to install it. Now, I cannot recall whether I mentioned this really annoying fact earlier on or not, but I have found this now to be the case in a few manuals lately, the MP9 being another that has this lack of info. There is no exploded diagram in the manual. Where do all the parts go? How do they go? And the most important thing with some bits, which way round do they go? So, I have the new part with no instructions of how to fit it, and sweet fa from the original instruction manual. This wa
  6. Ok, time for a quick update. I am no longer happy. Having played half a day this Sunday using this gun, I started experiencing some problems, a few minor, and one very very major issue. Now, I have maintained my gun, not mistreated it, and used it not overly heavily as I only have the three magazines, and using them over and over and over again then they do very soon start to show cooldown. This is fine, it is the same with most gas guns. However, this Sunday I was finiding that it was venting gas much more heavily, and I didnt think that it was overly cold. As a result the gun started j
  7. You just need to keep it clean. Clean it and it will work fine. Clean the shells, and clean the chamber, and most importantly clean the firing pin (the rod in the chamber) as if they gunk up with debris then the gun will fail to function. Also be careful for spent shells. They dont make the loudest bang in the world, which means you can fire them safely and indoors. They do however, really fling those cases, so if you are not careful you will end up with dents and chips in walls and even ceilings. That broken part should also be fairly easy to replace I would imagine. You might want to
  8. In answer to the above question, yes, you are still good to go. All that will be more tricky will be to release the catch when the bolt locks back, but not impossible. Just give the rest of the gun a good once over first to make sure that nothing else is damaged.
  9. Yes, the trades are a major issue for me too, as you are paying to have them all legit and licenced and yet they are not there. Having said that, the attention to the small details is amazing, such as the roller cams and clips etc. It is not perfect, but it will certainly take a lot of beating.
  10. For me it is still so far so good. I am even considering getting the G36 so that I can compare it to the WE G39, unless WE release thier MP5 for me to get first! If you want a gas MP5 then so far there is no doubt in my mind as to which one to buy, for all the reasons that I pointed out previously. The lack of bolt stop is an issue that when using the gun I find very frustrating. The umarex trades are also a little disappointing for me personally, but the attention to the tiny details like the rollers etc. is out of this world. I still havent messed with my hop yet, so I shall probably se
  11. That is the exact part that has broken on mine, looks exactly the same.
  12. A little heads up for you all about this gun. I have had one scince they first came out. It is really a very excellent gun and the quality is great, as many people have pointed out above. I am waiting for some more magazines to arrive, so I only have the one that came with the gun at the moment. Up until today I have had no problems with the gun. I was so impressed in fact with this gun that I ordered extra magazines and another one for those times when one pistol simply isnt enough. It really is that good. And for the price!!!! If it was twice the price then I would still consider it
  13. Part 3 Thank you BaBaBooey for the detailed description of how to take down the magazines to replace that follower, I am sure that many people will find that really helpful. I recieved my two extra magazines. Here is a picture of one in the box: So, nothing too impressive there really, but what would you expect? Open up the box and here is how the magazines that I recieved came packaged. As you can see, inside the plain box the magazine came sealed inside a plastic wrapper. Once I opened the wrapper and took the magazine out I was pleasantly surprised to see that the
  14. Part 2 Ok, so today I took my MP5 skirmishing to see how it performs. I made no midification to the gun prior to shooting it, so that I could see how it worked 'out of the box'. I did a chrono reading using green gas, and it was consistant, with a +or- 1>2 fps variant between shots, reading at 385fps over 5 shots. I forgot to take along some 134A gas to test it with that, so that was my bad, but at 385 it was a little lower than I have read elsewhere. Now, armed only with one 30 round magazine, I proceeded to go up against aegs quite happily, and can honestly say that I was ha
  15. PART 1 Ok, as nobody has yet taken the time to write anything about this gun, I figured that I would, now that mine has finally cleared Customs! Hopefully I will come across in the way that I intend to share my opinion, and not sound opinionated. So, to start with, here is the obligatory box picture. It is nothing that many people have not seen before, same design as the MP7 or G36 aegs that are also licensed by Umarex. I like it, I feel that it has a certain classiness about it that many other manufacturers miss out on, but at the end of the day, it is only a box. Mine was
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