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  1. Im with Bio. I love it, only thing that puts me off the length of the rail. Slightly too long for my liking, would prefer the outer barrel around the 11" mark


    Its awesome because iy says MEGA on the side :D


    On a slightly unrelated note how important (if at all) is re-crowing a cut down inner barrel?



    I cut down my barrels with a rusty hacksaw and crown them with the end of my Kabar; Anyone at Battle Lakes or Ace or any of the mutual airsoft folk we know can attest to the range and accuracy of my guns.


    Don't get me wrong, if you've got the tools to do it properly and precisely, go for it - But I literally hack the burrs out of my barrels with a combat knife and it's never had the slightest affect on accuracy or range for me. 

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  2. Your spare Prime upper.  Used, new? I was looking for one for a reasonable price somewhere.


    Brand new, from BoomArms; I did originally order an M4 upper and an MUR-1, but the MUR-1 was out of stock and this was the last M4 upper unfortunately! Unless there's some tiny HK store somewhere sitting on a pile of them it seems like Iron Airsoft are about the only option for more uppers now :\


    So many index clips that they're no longer index clips... They've reached critical mass and become rail covers.


    Importantly, however, I don't need to remove the whole damn lot of them to get to the 2 grub screws that lock my MRP's outer barrel in. That was a massive nuisance with XTM's or ladders. Also, stripes!

  3. That's excusable as they're lovely pieces there mate :)

    Thanks man :) I particularly enjoy the cable management, it's a genius design!


    I also managed to acquire another Prime upper, MRF rail and KX3 - annoyingly the upper came missing the forward assist. I'll snap some better pictures tonight, but essentially this is the gist;



  4. Here's the how the thing started...


    I then blackened the bolt...



    ... and forward assist



    Modded the disconnector to accommodate a Crusader VFC BAD-*albatross* Selector


    I also fitted a PTS Raptor Charging Handle ( for PTW )




    ..... and viola!







    Check out the album for more pics, cheers!


    My favourite part of that is actually the blue baseplate.. It's a really nice gun all round, but that blue baseplate on the Pmag is a really nice finishing touch.

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  5. I realised the other day that the mount I was using prior to the fake Larue one was actually a little more solid and functioned exactly as I required it to, but I refused to take a picture with it on the gun because it was a chunky old 30mm Aimpoint mount and looked horrible. I felt shame for using it in a game, like, genuine shame.




    Anyway, proper mount.





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  6. I think you need a 1-4x scope on that SR-16, is that a 16" barrel on there?


    It is man yeah, G&P/Bomber are now doing one with a 17.5" barrel and an exposed gas block, I think Ehobby have it in for the same price as this one.




    A short dot would do nicely.



    I've actually got one of the visionking ones, but I'm still waiting on being able to afford the mount for it, because I spent all my money on the SR16. Worth it.

  7. I'm diggin' it Hwagan.


    Can it be a thing to mill out the gas ports in the bolt?


    Thanks man - And I doubt it's possible unfortunately, or not all the way through at least - The BCG acts as the cylinder, so poking holes in it would be bad.. Saying that, I might try black paint in the 2 holes that are already there just to give the same look from a couple of feet away. 


    You are correct, the Front pin secures the upper, the rear secures the gearbox :)


    And thanks xD 


    You won't believe how many 2nd hand airsoft stuff are being sold in HK 2nd hand forums right now. People will sell their stuff 20% off when they have bought them like 2 or 3 days before.



    That'll be a G&P receiver then I reckon, or at least a clone of one! Saying that all the clones I've seen tend to use VFC or TM style receiver designs, and those trades definitely match G&P Colt bodies. 


    And the problem is, I do believe it, I just don't live in HK to enjoy the benefits! :P

  8. Thanks BigAI


    But i think it could be a China Made, well, either way, I have the gearbox opened up and it's ready to be upgraded > :D





    G&P have done very similar bodies as well, exactly those markings but G&P's don't come with the screw pins, although they could easily be replacements - How does the upper mount? Is it front pin secures the upper, rear pin secures the gearbox? Either way, damn nice for the money you paid! :P



    It's even nicer than I thought it'd be, the receiver is utterly amazing!


    Hwagan, KAC-"hoe" much? :P


    I'm slightly more of an LMT hoe. But only very slightly :P


    Oh, and DFM - Check about 3-4 pages back man, there was a big discussion - It's the unbranded chinese clone, but it's held up to around 5,000 rounds of GBBR recoil so far, the dot is crystal clear, it's solid as a rock, the battery life is fantastic, and a fair few of us with the same sight have agreed that it's about the best ACM red dot to date. Really is an awesome thing.

  10. You've been super helpful, thanks! Now I just need to find a retailer to ship this to the US.


    EDIT: Has anyone tested FPS with the stock full barrel length and .25g? I see the OP got around 360FPS with a .25g and a hacksawed 10.5" barrel. In theory the full length barrel would be a bit lower, but I'm thinking I may have trouble with the local field's .25g/350FPS limit.



    The longer the barrel in a GBBR, the higher the FPS - It gives the gas more time to expand behind the BB and thereby accelerate it. Anyhow, there are plenty of ways to lower the FPS - Look up NugentGL's channel on Youtube, or just search for 'Lowering FPS in VFC M4/HK416'. It's usually a case of adding a washer or two inside the body of the nozzle or thickening the flute valve or something similar. I'm not a VFC owner, but I've used mods designed for the VFC to lower the FPS on my WA system GBBR's and they're all pretty simple. Hopefully an owner will chime in with the specific mod that works best for VFC's system.

  11. Admittedly it is a bit of a marmite gun. But shouldered its perfect. I love the look of the stock, especially collapsed with the arms over the receiver. I wanted a very very compact DMR and that's definitely what I got! The range and accuracy is absolutely fantastic. Like nothing I've ever used before!


    It definitely looks handy for sneaking around woodland and picking people off, no doubt about that. Is the scope the Visionking jobby? I really would like one of those for my next build, once I figure out a way to pay for it! Done anything special to the hop or is it just the P* consistency?

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