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  1. The worst thing about Airsoft is the internet.

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    2. hwagan


      See I'd agree with that, but I love AR's and Glocks so I'm actually pretty happy with the current situation in that respect ;)

    3. TheFull9


      dat faysbuk airsuft dramaz

    4. hawaiianjuggernaut
  2. I cut down my barrels with a rusty hacksaw and crown them with the end of my Kabar; Anyone at Battle Lakes or Ace or any of the mutual airsoft folk we know can attest to the range and accuracy of my guns. Don't get me wrong, if you've got the tools to do it properly and precisely, go for it - But I literally hack the burrs out of my barrels with a combat knife and it's never had the slightest affect on accuracy or range for me.
  3. No worries; Depending on if and when you decide on doing said order, I wouldn't say no to another upper or 2 if it'll help bring the cost down. Pretty sure I can find a mate or two who'd be after one n all.
  4. Brand new, from BoomArms; I did originally order an M4 upper and an MUR-1, but the MUR-1 was out of stock and this was the last M4 upper unfortunately! Unless there's some tiny HK store somewhere sitting on a pile of them it seems like Iron Airsoft are about the only option for more uppers now :\ Importantly, however, I don't need to remove the whole damn lot of them to get to the 2 grub screws that lock my MRP's outer barrel in. That was a massive nuisance with XTM's or ladders. Also, stripes!
  5. Better pictures, also MOAR INDEX CLIPS.
  6. Thanks man I particularly enjoy the cable management, it's a genius design! I also managed to acquire another Prime upper, MRF rail and KX3 - annoyingly the upper came missing the forward assist. I'll snap some better pictures tonight, but essentially this is the gist;
  7. Current state of my 2 Primes; I have developed a slight obsession with index clips.
  8. I rebuilt my SR16 and got some new random bits and bobs;
  9. Is there any confirmed use of the LMT MRP in 5.56 being used by anyone other than the fekkin' BTP?

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    2. Habakure


      Am sure there's a few pictures of BTP using the HK53 as well.

    3. Skarclaw


      If you do do a BTP loadout be sure to put a massive scope on the top of it. Eat only M&S simply food sandwiches for lunch, washed down with AMT coffee

    4. Habakure


      And support man united.

  10. To quote the vast majority of tumblr users between the ages of 13-21; I can't even.
  11. My favourite part of that is actually the blue baseplate.. It's a really nice gun all round, but that blue baseplate on the Pmag is a really nice finishing touch.
  12. I realised the other day that the mount I was using prior to the fake Larue one was actually a little more solid and functioned exactly as I required it to, but I refused to take a picture with it on the gun because it was a chunky old 30mm Aimpoint mount and looked horrible. I felt shame for using it in a game, like, genuine shame. WHAT HAVE I BECOME. Anyway, proper mount.
  13. It is man yeah, G&P/Bomber are now doing one with a 17.5" barrel and an exposed gas block, I think Ehobby have it in for the same price as this one. I've actually got one of the visionking ones, but I'm still waiting on being able to afford the mount for it, because I spent all my money on the SR16. Worth it.
  14. I switched all my furniture around because the MRP was a bit on the hefty side and the SR16 was a bit light and skinny:
  15. Thanks man - And I doubt it's possible unfortunately, or not all the way through at least - The BCG acts as the cylinder, so poking holes in it would be bad.. Saying that, I might try black paint in the 2 holes that are already there just to give the same look from a couple of feet away. That'll be a G&P receiver then I reckon, or at least a clone of one! Saying that all the clones I've seen tend to use VFC or TM style receiver designs, and those trades definitely match G&P Colt bodies. And the problem is, I do believe it, I just don't live in HK to enjoy the benefits
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