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    Forum Sex Kitten - Purrrr....
  • Birthday 01/23/1987

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  • Airsofter since
    October 2004
  • Toy collection
    AK47 beta Spetsnaz (Natalia)
    Chrome Desert Eagle Hardkick (Lady Liz)
    Pair of HFC full metal Beretta M190's (Donnatella and Belladonna)
    TM Sr-16 (Roxy)
    TM PSG-1 (Alessa)
    WE Hi-Capa 3.8 (Baby)

    Long term wish list:
    Winchester M1892
    Marushin Deringer
    TM Uzi (for the Sin City look)
    Tanaka colt SAA
    Pair of SMGs

    Never gonna happen but want one anyway wish list:
    SVD Dragunov
    Barrett M82A1
  • Most likely to say
    things your mother wouldn't like....
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    United Kingdom

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    Maybe if you ask nicely
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    Rufus T. Firefly's, Glasgow
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    Metal music, dancing, reading, watching films, comic books, good food, Motorbikes, swords, DDR, anything Japanese, R22master's G36 intimidator, goth stuff, drawing fantasy art, attractive video game characters, alcohol, Rocky Horror Picture Show, corsets, fetish boots and pistol kills...


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