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  1. For Sale Nova kimber frame, slide, outer barrel, advanced inner frame type. With Cerakoted anvil control parts, steel guide rod and guide spring, anvil trigger with trigger bow, real kimber grips with hex screws, guarder steel body pins. 2 kits for sale €400 each. PayPal only shipped from Ireland. 


  2. Wow didn’t know you could upload photos now !! Great addition. These are my Nova (new type) with anvil steel parts, brass hop, anvil chamber and barrel and volante bbu,  I’m actually about to post these in the classified section. What price would you pros recommend. 








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  3. For a quick sale! Pay pal only! All items go together! Price not including postage. All items perfect condition (collector)

    kwa kriss vector in box with manual. Comes with holo sight and internal torch system installed. Perfect condition never used


    2x new version with advanced inner frame nova lapd 1911 with steel sights, anvil Cerakoted parts, volante bbu, anvil steel chamber and barrel nova brass hop, all steel hammer and bits. Worth over 1000 each. Both identical!

    All 3 airsoft beauty’s for €1600, 

    Pictures on request. 
    Please email me stokessimon26@hotmail.com


  4. On 1/15/2020 at 3:47 AM, icolater said:

    Hey Brigg, that’s really interesting, I’ll defo look up your work soon. Wonder if bbu design would favour co2 more. I read some were that co2 expands much more then green gas. 

    LOL @ quoting myself but I was talking to a friend who is an airsoft tech that recons the larger nozzle will only work if the valve in the mags are high flow and allow more gas to be released in to the vacant space the larger nozzle offers. That’s why the valves in the photos look like GBBr valves. 

    This is also probably why Brigg never experienced greater performance when he designed his gbb with the larger valves. Brigg just used a stock KWA mag which is designed to allow enough gas to operate standard sized valves. 

    Was expecting this at shot 2020 but unfortunately it was no where to be seen. Does anyone here have any additional info or realese date. Im literally as excited for this as I was for the KWA vector GBB (which is perfect IMO) and can’t *fruitcage* wait for these to be released. 

  5. On 1/2/2020 at 3:03 AM, Got Wood? said:

    And yet you can pick up a skirmishable GBB Glock for £150.

    As good a price as it is, you have to look at it alongside what’s out there and see how it stacks up to someone who is new and doesn’t care what it’s made out of.

    If it came in at the same price, then it would be a no brainier, and then it might be revolutionary

    Ok, you can buy cheap golf clubs that work ok, but you can buy more expensive golf clubs that will perform better.  

    VFC are great for the money but if you want something better made with better Materials and More durable then ATM the only option is a guarded created glock which you have to build yourself at a cost. 

    GHK are offering what seems to be a glock made with proper materials and an improved design that will increase performance and increased realism that will appeal to collectors and people that are more serious about the sport of airsoft. 

    I myself am only into “premium products” and don’t care much for airsoft guns made from cheap materials and poor build quality. And I am very exited to see a reputable company like GHK give us airsoft consumers a choice for a more premium product that is mass produced. 

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  6. 22 hours ago, Cannonfodder80 said:

    Whilst it does look good, I've heard that quite a few times over the years and it never happens. I can see alot of folk being put off by a high price tag and proprietary parts

    Parts that should be readily available on samoon’s web site.  I think the price of (rumoured) $350 to $400 is a steal when you consider the steel slide, rails and internal parts. 

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  7. 12 hours ago, intinerious said:

    I was at the MOA show and I fondled the GHK Glock.

    I've got pics but it's the same stuff that's already available online so I won't bother uploading.  Here's a couple of points to take away:

    - Magazine is light.  It can take 22kg gas and the design is similar to the prowin one.  Mag body is likely made by extrusion and not casting hence the weight.

    - The slide is basically a bolt carrier group.  The nozzle's not as big as a GBBR but it's bigger than anything else available on pistols

    - disassembly "just like a real glock" as in no need to pull slide all the way back before being able to slide it off the frame

    - output valve in the mag is huge, looks like something you can find on a GBBR.

    - proprietary everything, save for the barrel and bucking being TM Spec

    - rotary dial hop up adjustment that's in line with the barrel.  I assume it uses a leaf spring to apply pressure.  I'm not a fan of that.  You need to remove the entire inner barrel assembly to adjust hop up however.

    - racking the slide is smooth.  No more hammer "bump" for a BBU to ride over

    fits real glock sights and I think mag catches.  Not sure whether it fits real anything else.  Rear plate on the slide isn't RS spec, so it's proprietary.

    Thank you but what was th frame like?? It looks decent quality but what do you think. 

  8. On 9/23/2019 at 5:17 AM, 3vi1-D4n said:

    While its a solid engineering feat,  I can see that without a firing pin delayer the gun will have seriously weaker recoil compared with other models, particularly on auto.

    I would suggest looking at fitting a GHK firing pin assembly onto the hammer (GHK hammers are attached to their firing pins), as they work on a cam system and works as a built in delayer.

    Otherwise, good effort!   With all the weebs liking all the HSLD AR setups, it is great to finally meet a man of culture :P

    WAs have the delayer as part of the mag release valve. 

  9. On 9/15/2019 at 3:08 AM, aznriptide859 said:

    Because the title of this thread is "picture thread", not "discussion/question thread". If you want to inquire about that specific pistol you can ask in the Just Handguns section.

    Rest of us are asking questions related to the pictures others post. Not being mean, just simply saying that's why forums have different areas for different questions.

    Seeing as their are at most 10 post a day on Arnies, every one is welcome IMO.  

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  10. On 9/12/2019 at 9:56 AM, scorch said:

    Ugh. Boring job today.

    Sat in my car opposite one of the competition's shop scouting out which customers are shopping there. 

    Frankly it's a detestable task, but it's just one of those things you do. At least I get paid to sit in my car and read a magazine.


    Coffee cup is empty though.

    Are you actually serious !  What shop do you work for ?

  11. On 7/31/2019 at 12:37 PM, hitmanNo2 said:

    I don't suppose you've got any video of it cycling?

    Hi Hitman

    no sorry I tried but to no avail. I’ll put one on FB and send you a link. They are very good though, and I’m extremely happy because I just love the build quality of the G&P wocs compared to rest. 

    On 8/1/2019 at 8:35 PM, Wingmann said:

    A Vector manufactured by someone that shouldn't be manufacturing them will show up (hopefully) tomorrow. It should be an interesting piece.

    Hey Wingman

    i have two KWA vectors still in their boxes, never used!! literally never even taken one out of its box LOL. Would sell one for £1000 if your interested. They have one on red wolf for 2900

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