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  1. icolater

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    If cybergun use this pistol and offer their five year guarantee then they better put some steel parts in their. It's a great looking pistol and I will definitely add this to my collection.
  2. icolater

    GHK SIG 553

    VFC make gbbrs, so VFC are the VFC of gbbrs. LOL. Viper tech use the WA system, as do GHK, but slightly modified for better durability.
  3. icolater

    AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

    Hey dudes i was thinking of setting up a AR15 gas blowback only picture trend, would that be ok and acceptable??
  4. icolater

    NorthEast Airsoft GBB Sten

    Wow look really cool!! Good job!!
  5. icolater

    Forum speed?

    Great for me too
  6. icolater

    GHK SIG 553

    Vipertech are good but not as good as ghk
  7. icolater

    Nova Kimber steel parts

    Price drop €110 inc postage
  8. Price drop €110 inc postage
  9. icolater

    Nova Kimber steel parts

    Perfect Condition Cerakoted Graphite Black Nova steel parts, includes : main spring housing, grip safety, thumb safety, mag release, Slide release, barrel bushing, guide rod & guide rod Bushing. Also includes steel kimber type hammer and hammer housing parts (cant remember OEM) €150 plus €10 shipping paypal only, no trades please.
  10. Perfect Condition Cerakoted Graphite Black Nova Frame, Slide & Inner Frame by Japanese Company Suzutomo (same company who cerakote the marui MWS AR) Includes Frame and slide parts. Paypal only €150 plus €15 shipping no trades please Plus used Aluminium outer barrel in used condition (not pictured)

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