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  1. That’s 3 guns for €1600, this is mad, can’t believe they have not gone yet. I’ll be taking this post down if no sign of interest.
  2. For a quick sale! Pay pal only! All items go together! Price not including postage. All items perfect condition (collector) kwa kriss vector in box with manual. Comes with holo sight and internal torch system installed. Perfect condition never used 2x new version with advanced inner frame nova lapd 1911 with steel sights, anvil Cerakoted parts, volante bbu, anvil steel chamber and barrel nova brass hop, all steel hammer and bits. Worth over 1000 each. Both identical! All 3 airsoft beauty’s for €1600, Pictures on request. Please email me stokessimon26@hotmail.co
  3. Looks interesting!! Frame and slide look great, also steel hammer parts is a plus. I’m holding out for the Ghk g17.
  4. That is That’s hilarious!!! Beautiful ARs
  5. What about just bead blasting? I’ve recently bead blasted a mafioso frame and slide and it looks amazing.
  6. Cerakote is the only option. If your going to do it do it right. Air cured Cerakote is available for DIY. But you might as well strip the guns of choice and send them to a pro.
  7. Looks kinda sluggish to be fair, lucky vfc have co2 mags available.
  8. hey Hello Sir please make a premium version with steel parts and improved frame material. Their is an opening for mass produced high end airsoft replicas that aren’t over priced. Thank you !!
  9. LOL @ quoting myself but I was talking to a friend who is an airsoft tech that recons the larger nozzle will only work if the valve in the mags are high flow and allow more gas to be released in to the vacant space the larger nozzle offers. That’s why the valves in the photos look like GBBr valves. This is also probably why Brigg never experienced greater performance when he designed his gbb with the larger valves. Brigg just used a stock KWA mag which is designed to allow enough gas to operate standard sized valves. Was expecting this at shot 2020 but unfortunately it was
  10. Hey Brigg, that’s really interesting, I’ll defo look up your work soon. Wonder if bbu design would favour co2 more. I read some were that co2 expands much more then green gas.
  11. Ok, you can buy cheap golf clubs that work ok, but you can buy more expensive golf clubs that will perform better. VFC are great for the money but if you want something better made with better Materials and More durable then ATM the only option is a guarded created glock which you have to build yourself at a cost. GHK are offering what seems to be a glock made with proper materials and an improved design that will increase performance and increased realism that will appeal to collectors and people that are more serious about the sport of airsoft. I myself am only
  12. Parts that should be readily available on samoon’s web site. I think the price of (rumoured) $350 to $400 is a steal when you consider the steel slide, rails and internal parts.
  13. This is going to be a game changer. Anyone interested in airsoft should be into this.
  14. Hey Dudes if I bought a Ghk mk18 for a project gun would anyone be interested in buying the rail barrel and lower of me??
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