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  1. icolater

    WE All new G series products

    but only one lever comes in contact with the slide
  2. icolater

    WE All new G series products

    Yes VFC FNS did the same thing, ambi slide catch only interacts with the slide on one side,
  3. icolater

    Your Favorite C02 Handguns

    Best CO2 pistols available would be mafioso kimbers IMO, very expensive but very well made. A different league then the excellent KWC 1911s obviously but Defo worth it for collectors.
  4. icolater

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    The VFC version looks miles better TBH, Don't like the fact that their is a screw holding the inner frame in place on the WE. The VFC internals look solid, also recent VFC guns like the FNS have steel parts and are super durable.
  5. icolater

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    I have a few umarex co2 airguns and while they are great to shoot, they look !! Same can be said about this probably.
  6. icolater

    Guarder new TM Glock GEN3 frames

    Inner frame look very similar also guarder glock mags look very similar to vfc. I wouldn't be surprised if they share molds at least. Anyhow why another gen 3? We are on gen 5 glock these days.
  7. icolater

    Guarder new TM Glock GEN3 frames

    Looks like VFC !!! Wouldn't be surprised if its same OEM
  8. icolater

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Ha Ha, Probably not though.
  9. icolater

    My eye! Sweet Jesus, Ouch!

    Their are forums out their to discuss port and other alcoholic beverages FYI.
  10. icolater

    Anyone still around from the old days?

    Arnies used to be great!!! I still come for the odd bit of news but the days of really cool collectors showing off their expensive toys is sadly gone. We are left with a somewhat smaller younger group who are not really into the really expensive pieces, but more into small chat about random topics on off topic forums. The OGs like wolf George, squad 701 and many more use Instagram and facebook now, I think Nonex is the only OG around these day but his post are few compared to older days. Arnies hasn't been the same for years
  11. icolater

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    Hope they do get released, just because of the steel inners, not a fan of the aesthetics of the p230 though, but the steel removable inner frame is a great idea!!!!
  12. icolater

    WE All new G series products

    Thanks for the news, Im hoping a g45 model appears at some point , the last model available looks to be a black g19x, which is strange.
  13. icolater

    A Bad Month for My Pistol Collection

    Go for a mafioso co2 kimber, they even have compact sized co2 mags now for the kimber compact and utra sized offerings
  14. icolater

    WE All new G series products

    Should still be ok, the gen 4 had mag release that was ambi, only differance is the mag have an extra cut out on the right side
  15. icolater

    looking for some advice after a long hiatus

    GHK > marui for durability, ghk > marui for realism. Ghk with DH > marui for performance

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