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  1. icolater

    A Bad Month for My Pistol Collection

    Go for a mafioso co2 kimber, they even have compact sized co2 mags now for the kimber compact and utra sized offerings
  2. icolater

    WE All new G series products

    Should still be ok, the gen 4 had mag release that was ambi, only differance is the mag have an extra cut out on the right side
  3. icolater

    looking for some advice after a long hiatus

    GHK > marui for durability, ghk > marui for realism. Ghk with DH > marui for performance
  4. icolater


    That's mad!! It was a few years ago now. What was the outcome??and what did the arms cool guys say that GHK didn't like. In all fairness GHK do make the best gbb m4.
  5. icolater


  6. Nice!! Being trying to get a nova chamber for years!! Don't suppose you have a spare?
  7. Hi Where did you get the nova outer barrel and chamber?
  8. icolater

    Nova Kimber steel parts

    Price drop €100, amazing cerakote job!! Perfect fit (tested)
  9. icolater

    looking for some advice after a long hiatus

    Sorry for the double tap but my edit time ran out. I meant the g&p woc not ghk woc. Anyway go for the ghk if your looking for AR 15 type gbb.
  10. icolater

    looking for some advice after a long hiatus

    Most reliable m4 type IMO is the GHK , it has green gas and co2 mags available and all inner parts are made of steel, also spare parts are easy to get at Samoon.com. GHK wocs look better though as do VFCs, but both are finicky, WE are good for the price and a lot of options are available for them. Marui is also a very good option but not sure how long they will hold up using green gas as the intended use is duster gas. That's my opinion on the AR 15 platforms available.
  11. Ok sorry I have no aluminium ones left. Hope you find one.
  12. It's kimber type .45acp
  13. Yea sorry. But I have a steel shooters design chamber and barrel around but I would be asking for the full price.
  14. icolater

    New handgun

    Ha ha ha hilarious 😂, I'm going to use this analogy in the future!! Well played good sir !! I like the VFC fns 9, no need for upgrades and looks great. Cheap and reliable with great kick. Mafioso kimbers with co2 cut if money is no object.
  15. icolater

    WE All new P-series GBB pistol

    Hopefully !! The modular frame system would be a great reason to do so.

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