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  1. Ghk have a spare lower with aac 300 mpw markings if anyone is lookin.
  2. Are they old spec frames with separate inner frame? Or newer advanced type.
  3. Do the blank slides have the sight cuts already ?
  4. How do you get the slide custom made?? Cool project. I actually love the MGS series. I have enjoyed every single game to the max. I’m actually planning another run of phantom pain at some stage, it’s such a pity the game was never actually finished.
  5. Mafioso kimber compact Cerakoted tungsten and graphite black.
  6. Ghk aac blackout mpw. Custom engraved markings etc. Currently getting Cerakoted tungsten and armour black. I’ll have pictures soon. question. Are viper tech worth getting. Was about to pull the trigger on one but I’m not sure if they are worth it as I’ve seen conflicting reviews. Thank you and god bless.
  7. Kits Available. Nova advanced inner frame type. Nova parts kimber grips. beautiful !!!!!!!
  8. Wow didn’t know you could upload photos now !! Great addition. These are my Nova (new type) with anvil steel parts, brass hop, anvil chamber and barrel and volante bbu, I’m actually about to post these in the classified section. What price would you pros recommend.
  9. Looks interesting!! Frame and slide look great, also steel hammer parts is a plus. I’m holding out for the Ghk g17.
  10. That is That’s hilarious!!! Beautiful ARs
  11. Hey Dudes if I bought a Ghk mk18 for a project gun would anyone be interested in buying the rail barrel and lower of me??
  12. WAs have the delayer as part of the mag release valve.
  13. Stunning!! I'm in love with ball end cuts these days. I think all modern 1911s should have them.
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