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  1. I have now replaced all of the internals to the gearbox and rebuilt it from scratch, what a surprise it works. Answer, buy it and spend loads of cash on spare parts before you fire it.i have to say thoughi bouht a k outer barrel and i like the ability to change from long to carbine
  2. I purchased an Ares/ Umarex G36 about a year ago (some might say that was a mistake). When it arrived I tried it out using all of the standard parts and it worked fine. As all of my other gubs were running LiPo batteries (all 7.4v), I decided to change it across to match. I changed to a deans connector and attached a LiPo to test. All went well. I put the gun in its bag and merilly went off to a site looking forward to a game with my new gat. It chrono'd fine and was coming in at around 320 fps 9out of the box). this is when the trouble started........ As i went out to play the first game, i
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