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  1. ware can i get one of these pls
  2. @ bulmedius sorry cant at the moment mate just got out of hospital and I cant move if I do it causes intense pain. I can in the upcomeing weeks
  3. The Cyma RPK 74 The newest release from Cyma the RPK 74 The Cyma RPK has been a long time in the making, designed and manufactured from the ground up as an RPK 74, Cyma did not go the normal route that some manufacturers had chosen in the past by just modifying a standard AK. Full metal and wood with a unique bolt carrier not normally found on airsoft guns that is both very strong and smooth to operate. Another feature the gun has not normally found on other AK airsoft guns is the rear sight has both windage and elevation adjustment via a unique adjuster and is finished of with som
  4. looking for viet cong equipment for sale

  5. Going to Elite Action Games Dorking on Sunday

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