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  1. Just like to say thanks to Frank and Fire Support for their excellent service, all emails answered quick sharp and my PX4 is now winging it's merry little way to me with a nice little tightbore installed to boot. 10/10
  2. I'm back on the boat, cooped up in a tin can again so my mind is just saying 'buy it' but perhaps your suggestion is wiser. What's your opinion of this vs the hi-cappa? EDIT: Ta by the way
  3. Now why oh why did I have to go and look at this thread? I was so happy with my decision on a Hi-cappa, now I have to crawl to the missus for more money...
  4. can't believe the TM AK was doing over 370 on Sunday!!!

    1. ryangolfvr6


      you just bought it mud puppy what did you do have to use it on semi auto

  5. Still on the boat - should be at the game on the 5th though, as long as my passport gets back from it's trek round Nigeria (updating my visa)

  6. can't believe I missed being at home for the one day of the year my wife is quiet for a whole minute

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