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  1. All that article says is that they are no longer outsourcing manufacturing but it doesn't specifically say they are already using their own manufactured gearboxes in the ACR yet. It seems to point more to the fact that their new Proline AEG's will be manufactured by them and maybe have a bolt stop feature like the marui sopmod but it doesn't exactly point to the ACR, although I can now see how you are putting two and two together.
  2. Where do you actually get this information from or do you just make it up? PTS have never acknowledged that the gearbox was manufactured by Ares as far as anything I've read (although that looks very much the case due to the similarities) and I never saw/heard any announcements that they were going to be using a different manufacturer for the internals other than the current one.
  3. Interesting, haven't heard anything about that from any sites
  4. I like it, especially the Android logo, it's done quite neatly
  5. Oh god I'm so jealous, better start saving up
  6. Fitted my RIS last night, I'm so pleased with it I think I was still smiling when I woke up this morning
  7. Excellent review! I love my warrior RICAS but a multicam raptor would be my next choice, does anyone know if there is much difference in the sizing between the two? I like the RICAS because it's fairly long, just the right length for me
  8. Damn Phil that is looking awesome Have you changed the hop rubber in the new barrel or are you just using the stock one? I'm guessing it's the same as the original hop rubber?
  9. Just ordered the RIS handguard (FDE) from Dingodogs, will let you know my opinions on it when it arrives
  10. Same here, have got most of my Multicam kit from their Ebay store Always sent quickly and exactly as advertised, pretty good prices too!
  11. Anybody heard anything official on the accessories? Dingodogs have posted on their facebook page:
  12. Ah I've found similair ones on Fire-Support, hopefully they will do the Job, thanks! That was my original plan but I need it before the weekend
  13. Managed to lose the self retaining hand guard pin this weekend (oh the irony) Any body know of any pins for other guns that will fit? I've been told a G36 or MP5 pin might do the trick? Otherwise the allen key and electrical tape will just have to do me until the RIS hand guard comes out
  14. My bad, I misread the first post, indeed it's The Fort that closed down (Run by AirsoftWorld) Go to Land Warrior and play with the APC, you will have a blast
  15. They had a lot of trouble with the local council and the site has now closed down. Your best bets are The Hill in dundee and Landwarrior in Edinburgh
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