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  1. The barrel looks like it scratches easily. I see a good amount of wear.
  2. That sucks about the horsey.
  3. Good to hear about the silver. But seeing your review pictures it looks like they totally jacked up the "little horsey" logo on the left side. Did they scratch it off or something?
  4. Nice Python Shao! Too bad about the trademarks. Doesn't WGC simply use tape to cover them up? Or did they take extra precautions with Colt? Anyway, very nice looking finish. I've always wondered what Tanaka's silver heavyweight looks like. One question: how did the silver paint hold up when you used paint thinner for "you know what." PS: Can't wait to read your review (when it's approved). Hope the accuracy isn't too disappointing.
  5. That, my friend, is the legendary S&W M29.
  6. Hmm... kind of strange for someone to ask for reviews instead of posting one. If you just bought one, why don't you write a review then.
  7. Was it the director's cut or the original theatrical? Oh, wait, you watched it on DVD, must be the director's cut with that crummy ending. I like the 1982 original with the narration and the "happy ending." I just might get the blaster, even with that $500 price tag.
  8. Yep, that Blade Runner blaster is an airsoft! As seen here: http://www2t.biglobe.ne.jp/~ohige/tsuhan/h...ter_ver2_gr.htm. I think it might be based on a Tanaka .38 snubby, as the translation mentions "Pegasus."
  9. Hmmm, yes, the fictitious Umbrella Magnum. A gamer, are you? Personally I would reserve the S&W wood grips for the genuine 6.5" M29.
  10. That's gross. Now go change your underwear.
  11. Looks good Al. You should really get wood grips for your .44 Magnum revolvers. It'll make a huge difference. By the way, is the Automag blowback or fixed? If blowback how's the kick and cycling speed?
  12. That is such a nice gun and I was sorry to sell it. I definitely would have kept it if the performance wasn't so poor.
  13. Yes, a big difference. I used to own the chief special and the power and accuracy was very poor. With 134/0.2g, the power was no more than 150 fps, and the groupings spread pretty wide. With the much larger cylinder in the M500, you can expect much higher power. And from what I've read the accuracy is better too.
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