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  1. druid, i tried your method first since it was more simple but no fix! Ill look into the gearbox during the weekend when I have more time like TK recommended. Any other ideas till then, let me know! and thanks for the replies! if anything, i'll just shoot it on automatic
  2. It's strange because when i shoot it on full auto, all the BBs fed. But on semi, it tends to skip or not feed. And i tested on 4 different sopmod mags. Same problem. I really dont want to take it apart though lol i might mess it up more than it is now.
  3. So I've been shooting my SOCOM for a few months now. One thing that happened recently are mis-feedings. Sometimes the Bb would not feed at all or I would have to shoot it five times in semi for it to finally feed and shoot out the BB from the magazine. Any reason why this started happening? Other times it would feed every BB, other times it would feed every other one, and on ocassion it would feed every 3-4 BBs. Socom has been left pristine stock, no mods done to it. Used good BBs 0.20g and the TM sopmod magazines. Thoughts? Thanks in advance like always
  4. No one has gotten the scar H yet so provide us some pics? or are you guys waiting for the tan?
  5. Happens to me all the time (not just the socom but other recoil aegs and also regular aegs). I used 8.4v its not a big deal though. just the nature of the gearbox that causes it
  6. The sopmod metal feels solid to me. it cant be used of the same pot metal used for cheaper guns?!
  7. So i was moving boxes and i saw the TM scar L box in the closet. One thing that i did not notice before is that you see, on the side, three flags (countries) then it says "next generation aeg". I see a US flag, japan, and china. obviously, they have a japan flag since it's japanese made. I guess the american is there because of the rifle itself being US socom based. Where does the china flag fit in? Just curious
  8. ill try to get a chrono and get an accurate reading on this scar. btw, can anyone comment on those cheap mags? i was thinking along the same lines as akira. the genuine mags have been so good to me despite how many times ive drop them (sometimes on hard concrete, not that i mean to!)
  9. Tk, i was thinking that too. The gun seems to shoot far and well (like my socom/sopmods) and i doubt this guy would tinker with it and try to sell it to me falsely. It could be possibly that he forgot to leave the spring decompressed after use. Now im trying to think if the chrono actually read 287 or 297 haha. I've had two stock sopmods shoot 300 even and at times 297. The only recoil aeg i had shooting over 300 was my socom (but i bought that brand new from echigoya). So i believe druid if he says theres probably not an import version vs another. Hmmmmm, i dont want to tinker with it and
  10. he said he never took it apart or tampered with the internals. he always ran it with an 8.4 I'm not sure where he got it from originally, he just said a local hobby store in the US. : /
  11. I cant since I bought it used. Is it a really big problem?! Everything else about it works well...
  12. my socom shot 305 out of the box but the scar only had 287 avg
  13. how much would it cost in USD to get one of those pmags?! Must have !
  14. the mag is proprietary but thats not a good excuse to put the vfc over this! I've had the vfc and it left me with an unsatisfying feeling. the TM on the other hand....
  15. so my fuse blew for my socom. Is anyone else running their sopmod/socom without the fuse? is it safe? I got an 8.4v so i wasnt using an outrageous battery. All my internals are stock from the factory
  16. Ok, so after a period of 2-3 months: is it me or are these sopmod rails even more solid on my socom? Like literally a rock. i dont even do any maintenance to keep them tight. The buffer tube is holding up but i have an AR wrench tool in case it gets loose. Overall, is the socom more solid than the sopmod? My sopmod had the loose buffer tube problem and rails needed to be tightened regularly. Btw, my scar just came in. That makes my TM recoil count 3. Who's still in the lead? druid?
  17. spydey, i know how you feel. I had this initial impression. I've bought a TM sopmod used and the externals at first seem lacking to me. It might just be from the poor condition the previous owner has put it in. However, when i bought my socom (brand new) overseas, the metal externals, etc were much more impressive. That aside, take out this baby and get ready to have some fun! People always mistake my sopmod for a gas rifle. The only thing is that you don't hear a hissing noise with these things like it has gas running out
  18. LOL you speak the truth, the only person I'm lending to is my brother (he helped me paid for the monster of a price tag to obtain this scar). I only trust him with it. No one else is allowed to touch it otherwise (not even friends LOL) at airsoft atlanta sopmod mid caps are still 35$!!!!! as opposed to 56 for the hi cap....
  19. @anachan Sorry, that's what I meant, the mag pipe. So, say if you want to start using the original sopmod caps, do you just get tweezers and just yank it out of the feed port and just put it back in when you want to use regular aeg mags? How do you put it in there in the first place? @ snoopy I did, the army sopmod high cap i had stop feeding. I wind the wheel but nothing is feeding through the mag. Maybe I should take it apart and see what's up (spring is worn out maybe?). The thing is, i picked up a SCAR so I'm going to need another hi cap if i want to lend it to someone. S
  20. lol... just in case!!!! i have 6 mid caps but if i feel like ramboing i need a spare back up hi cap
  21. I'm thinking of getting the freedom art mag. Is it hard to put in? how does it work exactly? (is it permanent or can i exchange it between my recoil marui rifles?) I'm wondering if it's cheaper to just buy a freedom mag pipe and use my regular hi caps because the specialized sopmod hi caps cost close to 60$
  22. One question about the marui scar: Does closing and opening of the stock tend to wear out the wires in anyway? just curious. I just hope it doesnt pinch the wire or damage it from extended periods of folding.
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