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  1. Wow, and he speak ENGLISH! No translation needed
  2. Did they say when the release date is?
  3. I am buying it no matter what. I’ve already spend tons of money on my real mp5( well, civilian hk sp5) here in the U.S. I have already paid the NFA tax stamp to SBR it with a German a3 stock (these go for about 600-700$) and running a surefire hand guard with an aimpoint comp m5. The second NFA stamp is for the suppressor omega 9k. German made mags go for 90-100$ and I’ve bought 7... I also bought the knights rail (had been rare to get up until this point) but have not decided to put it on because it will mar the finish. Will prob put that rail on this Tokyo Marui mp5. Ammo
  4. Marui mp5 with the working cocking handle looks great. and is that a GBB AKM too?.....
  5. I hope it holds up with the propane/green gas. I've had to resort to duster for my current one. A lot of the 870s I've owned eventually had a leak from the body or an expanded gas that after prolonged use. Breacher had a leak from the body that needed maintaining, not sure if it was entirely caused by propane use though, could be an overall maintenance issue. Hopefully this holds up. A TM gas shotgun on the higher pressured gas is just mean for CQB, it's so fun I love it.
  6. I may do that, but that seems to concern overall efficiency and increase # of shots for green gas (as seen with badabings video), not reliability. I wonder how the bolt is holding up for ppl with high round counts with propane during higher stress temps. I honestly havent heard any major failures...yet lol
  7. What are the current reports of running these things on propane/green gas, especially in hotter climates? I havent heard any reports (like how the mp7 issue arose wtih broken nozzles) with use on green gas. I tempted to run it in 85 F+ Florida weather to see how it fares and if any broken parts will ensue. Similar to the question above, has there been any reliability issues consisent usage?
  8. lol those were the bad days, I'm glad there are more options now as these GBBR platforms are continually evolving.
  9. I had two GHK m4s, one was a 14.5 inch bought a year ago and a RA TECH spec'ed 300 blackout. Both had the bolt failure down the line. I did rectify the issue with file as L2E mentioned (samoon has a lot of convenient resources for GHK issues on their website which is where I resolve most of the problems). In my experience, the performance was ok. I'm a guy who just likes a performer out of the box, and the GHK did reasonably well considering my prior with other GBBRs. I'll have to agree to the trigger on the marui, I do not like it. The GHK had a nice trigger, as well as the bolt riding b
  10. The ghk bolt lock will fail, along with the other issues I've also experienced. The marui seems to be trouble free so far, a piece of mind everytime i bring it out which is worth a lot to me.
  11. So I received the mws. I have to say, the auto on this thing is mental. The performance is extremely consistent and predictable. I had a few guilty spurts of using it to propane but i soon will switch it back to duster since it's still 86 F here in sunny Florida during christmas season. some criticism: The trigger doesn't feel as good as the GHK. If you're looking for realism, the bolt doesn't slam home as satisfying as the GHK (due to the MWS system). Needless to say, it is very reliable and I look forward to having some trouble free skirmish rounds. I am having trouble finding extra mag
  12. I hated filing down that bolt catch on my GHK... Im glad the marui has that adjustable wheel for easy hop adjustment. That KWA tool on the lm4 is one of the worse designs I can think of, and utterly annoying. A little bit more force than usual breaks the teeth. I thought the gas efficiency on the lm4 was decent, but the performance was lacking consistency. Shimming the barrel, stopping random jams, gas spewing out of the receiver till empty, Bbs flying unpredictably. evo sets and other mods helped a bit but i have given up on that system, and thats after owning and coming back through at l
  13. thanks for the vid. So TM has better snap, worse efficiency, questionable accuracy bonus vs the GHK according to the video. That and bolt lock failure on the GHK.... I really like how "tossable" the marui m4 rifle seems. Also, with the lighter mags, I wouldn't be weighed down at the end of the day after a few good long games. I used to run 6 ghk mags on me....talk about work. It really gets to you when playing after a good while.
  14. Anyone hear of any green gas/propane failures yet? the mp7 nozzle failures came fairly early
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