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    Apocalypse Airsoft proudly presents: Clear and Present Danger Part IV: OPERATION CHUPACABRA. Insurgent based milsim scenario. STORY LINE: After the success of OPERATION PANTHER CLAW in which DEA / Special Forces eradicated the remaining Mercenary element left standing after previous actions in the northern Ecuadorian rain forest. Commander Mclaren along with his second in command Zachariah and their intelligence officer Grantas Stagus were executed, leaving a potential power vacuum. Rival drug barons based in Colombia have now turned their attentions on this mountainous region o
  2. Apocalypse Airsoft brings you an alternative to The War And Peace Show... "Lots Of War (And A Bit Of Peace)" Come and try out all that new kit and that shiny new gun you've just bought! The Apocalypse Airsoft site is beside the A249 at Detling, about half an hour drive from the War and Peace show. See our website www.apocalypse249.com/location for details. £25 per head, 18+ age limit. If you pre-book in a group of 5 or more the price goes down to £20 per head, so bring your mates with you! Book in via our website www.apocalypse249.com/book​ing before midnight on Friday 22nd to secure your
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    ---- NEWS FLASH ---- ** Villagers required to take part in MilSim for just £5.00 per day !!! ** We have created a number of spaces for players who wish to take part as Villagers in Operation Warpath on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July. This is a chance to take a 'trial step' into a MilSim, without committing to a full 36 hours straight! Your mission is to protect your home village, collect intel on enemy forces, and to generally cause tactical problems for anyone moving through your territory. Free form gaming allows you to plan and implemen
  4. We're officially in summer now so it's probably time to go out in the mid day sun with mad dogs and all that. However due to technical difficulties with getting actual dogs (mad or otherwise) to play airsoft, we are forced to improvise. As a result the day will feature the following :- Themed gaming with Players Vs Marshals (time to get your own back!) Free supply drops of pyro / ammunition (so you can shoot the marshals even more) Hardened targets including mortar pits, machine gun tower and Land Rover gunship etc. Plus in addition to our usu
  5. Apocalypse Airsoft Game Day - Sunday 26th June. Site opens 08.00, games start 10.00, lunch break 13.00-14.00, games end approx. 17.00. We have an age limit of 18+ due to the size and nature of the site. Limited numbers of rental guns are available, if you require a rental gun please contact Martin on 07872 348576. Please book your places via our website. See you there! -Steve
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