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  1. I also had the opportunity to handle one here in japan and look at the manual and stuff.

    A few differences:
    - The trigger bar is not the same as the G17 one, it's possibly from the G18 (unsure on that)
    - The slide stop insert is now a lot beefier

    - The mag release also has the G18 type metal insert in it

    - The trigger bar spring is beefier than on previous models

    - The inner barrel (i believe) was 1911 length, I could be mistaken though.

    Aside from that, it's a marui glock and shoots like one.


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  2. TM really do need to come out with a bunch of compact 1911s. The detonics is a bit pants and it has a lot of proprietary parts

    I'm actually working on that. I have both the slides (from 3.8" to 3") and the frames ready.


    Need funding for prototypes though... yuck.

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  3. i´m going to order my second item from Kenxins store.great work.

    Thank you very much!


    A tle pro kimber slide would be amazing, been waiting for one from nova for ages.

    Sure thing! Hit me up on facebook at ken's props so I can send you renders when I'm done or mostly done


    Kenxin remember this little fella?





    I was looking at my own pictures of it yesterday... man what a beauty, the only safe queen I ever had...

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  4. Kenxin, very nice work, could you 3d print for others, as a little business, say a pro size kimber slide ???

    Thank you! I already have a small business with slides and whatnot ! What model in particular were you thinking of? 

  5. Gak sake that's cool!


    I have a bunch of 3d files for printing but I can't afford to have them printed. Do you have your own printer or do you use a service like shapways?

    I use Shapeways and Sculpteo, Sculpteo for slides since shapeways refuses to print anything remotely gun looking.


    Filament printers are not good enough for slides in my opinion.

  6. Gotta love the Nova goodies!  Time for some inexpensive 3d printed parts!


    Wilson type flanged barrel (and the old RMR tall sight combo)





    And warren type sights + flanged barrel.





    Aand a rear shot of those sights before the assembly 



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  7. I've gotta say, working on this gun is relatively easy. Relatively as in I managed to screw it up.

    Has anyone disassembled this GBB yet? I need help.

    The problem is that the trigger on mine won't reset after a cycle. This little spring fell out when I disassembled the frame and I don't know where to put it.

    Wat do Arnies?



    That was probably the trigger bar return spring, most double action pistols have it. It pushes the trigger bar up.

    This is a RS PX4 but it should give you an idea where to put it.


    The green part being pointed with a screwdriver is the trigger bar, the trigger bar spring can be seen to the right on the rightmost hole, right below the AGI letters.

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  8. Any chance you've put these models up on YouMagine or Thingiverse?  I'd like to have a go printing one.

    Not yet, as they have 2 flaws that need to be adressed. I'll put them up on shapeways once I make sure they work fine.


    Or did you mean as in print it with your own printer?



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    A bit of 3d printing fun!





    Based on something I saw on the Nighthawk customs facebook, Tall sight + RMR platform!


    EDIT: now fully assembled on it's test platform. AM I TACTICOOL ENOUGH YET??





    Errrrrm could you make me one?


    Sure! I have to work out 2 small flaws in it but after that no problem!

    Needs extended mag, magwell and light / laser combo for that ;).


    Still, while not being a fan of modern 1911s, awesome work on the RMR and tall sights.



    Thanks a lot! high praise!


    Ditch the silencer,  add maybe a FAB Defense grip/magwell and a handfull of 40rd mags and some nice .30 bb's and i would primary that 1911  :) 


    Do like the iron sights,  nice work,  very nice as have it.

    Thank you! I plan on primarying it to test if it will break/bend under stress, even though I doubt it, this plastic is a LOT harder than marui's plastic...


    The plate itself fits the dovetail very snugly and is secured via screw onto the BBU itself (like the nightwarrior rear sight is)


    I plan on releasing this to everyone via shapeways once I fix those little issues and I test this thing to my satisfaction, but again, out of R&D money...

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  10. A bit of 3d printing fun!





    Based on something I saw on the Nighthawk customs facebook, Tall sight + RMR platform!


    EDIT: now fully assembled on it's test platform. AM I TACTICOOL ENOUGH YET??


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