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  1. I also had the opportunity to handle one here in japan and look at the manual and stuff. A few differences: - The trigger bar is not the same as the G17 one, it's possibly from the G18 (unsure on that) - The slide stop insert is now a lot beefier - The mag release also has the G18 type metal insert in it - The trigger bar spring is beefier than on previous models - The inner barrel (i believe) was 1911 length, I could be mistaken though. Aside from that, it's a marui glock and shoots like one. Cheers
  2. I'm actually working on that. I have both the slides (from 3.8" to 3") and the frames ready. Need funding for prototypes though... yuck.
  3. Thank you very much! Sure thing! Hit me up on facebook at ken's props so I can send you renders when I'm done or mostly done I was looking at my own pictures of it yesterday... man what a beauty, the only safe queen I ever had...
  4. Thank you! I already have a small business with slides and whatnot ! What model in particular were you thinking of?
  5. Thank you very much! You can get it from Ken's props!
  6. I use Shapeways and Sculpteo, Sculpteo for slides since shapeways refuses to print anything remotely gun looking. Filament printers are not good enough for slides in my opinion.
  7. Man it's been a while...... well then, more 3d printed madness! Nighthawk T3 and Wilson Combat protector
  8. Anyone got a socomgear Timberwolf for sale? : (

  9. SHINY! and gorgeous.....
  10. well it's not like I'm printing RS compatible stuff or anything. Just don't write to them with these pictures : P
  11. I wish I had my own SLS printer.... no, Shapeways is the way to go for me at the moment.
  12. A bit more SAI! SAI BLU (announced in shot show 2015).... Does anyone have a socomgear timberwolf for sale? I need a more correct frame for this slide set....
  13. Too much metal in this thread. Time for more 3d printed madness! 3d printed slide, compensated barrel, racker....oh, and custom baseplate with name : P (not my name though).
  14. If you mean the one DJ posted, that's RS.
  15. I'm sorry squad...those colt grips put the whole SAI commander to shame.
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