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  1. Well, here's my initial review of my AGM version of the MG42 ( I am lead to believe that it is the same brand as the Matrix, just in a different box)



    It's not my style, but I was after a 42 for some other project (M56 SmartGun here we come) and this made perfect sense as it fulfilled a number of functions...

    So... As an airsoft gun.
    The AGM MG42 is a surprisingly good bit of kit. It's not cheap at £480, but considering it's an MG42, one of the most iconic machine guns in existence and the only other available MG42 Airsoft gun is the Shoei one and that comes in at £1500, it's not actually that offensive a price.
    So what do you get for your just short of a monkey. Well, you get a spanky brown box with a discreet picture of an MG42 in the corner. The padding inside is really sturdy. You get the usual loading rod, packet of cruddy BB's, useless Mrs Ping battery and a charger that is more likely to burn your house down than charge the battery!
    But then you peel back the padding and low and behold is the beast.
    It's just over 7kg of fully pressed metal and well machined steel. No rubbish pot metal in this baby! The steel parts (tested with a magnet) appear to be the magazine, bipod and parts of the lower receiver. All other parts seem to be non-ferrous (well, not magnetic anyway), but are still nicely made.
    It comes with a fully functioning Bipod, metal battery winding box mag and wood stock.
    I'll start with the magazine. 
    It's all metal, runs from 4xAA batteries and is filled by either flipping the rear cover right off (which you can only do when the mag is removed from the rifle) or opening the top cover to reveal a small slot in which to pour the BB's.
    This latter method works fine in the field.
    The stated capacity is 2500 rounds, but I managed to squeeze in an entire bottle of 3000rnds. It's battery fed. The wires feed in discreetly to the bottom of the rifle. It's possible these could get caught on foliage, so I stuck a bit of gaffa tape over them to keep them tidy.
    The operating switch is actuated by the trigger, so you pull the trigger and the mag winds on. All very convenient. The mag feed was sufficient to keep up with the RoF on an 11.1v LiPo, so that's a bonus.
    The battery is house inside an easily removable stock (simply twist and pull out). The space is limited, so you'll not have much choice for batteries. But considering how easy it is to change them, having a number of smaller capacity batteries ready to swap out isn't too much of a drama.
    It'll be a mini type battery, or a small thin LiPo (It's about 30x30mm square, but pretty long).
    The body has a moveable but otherwise pointless Charging handle, Fully functional open sights, that both flip up and stow away for travelling. A neat little AA sight.
    Opening top cover, which exposes the gearbox and feed tray, and an opening barrel clip. And whilst the barrel clip opens, the barrel itself doesn't have the quick change function that the original had.
    The gearbox is a proprietary system that is a sort of V2/PGC hybrid. It is of the split design and has a quick change spring. 
    The motor and gear assembly is held in the pistol grip/trigger area and is easily removed by simply taking out a cotter pin and pulling the whole assembly away. The spring/piston is removed by taking the stock off, pushing in the spring guide, flicking the latch and pulling the spring/piston out the back.
    It uses standard V2 gear set and piston, so spares/upgrades are a doddle.
    The Hop is a fully machined steel block with a simple sliding actuator, with a standard AEG rubber. Out of the box it was shooting like a sack of spanners, so it needed to be stripped and reset. Clearly the little boy Ping was having an afternoon off.
    With it all sorted, the rifle shoots at a healthy 350fps and pumps out a respectable 18 rounds per second on an 11.1v LiPo. Which is pretty close to what the real steel 42 shot at, so you get a real sense of what this was really like to come up against.
    Range... it was pushing about 60+m and grouped just over a man sized target at this range. The initial rounds were tightly grouped, but a longer burst forced a larger spread as the hop rebounded. But this is a good thing considering the requirement for 'area denial'.
    With the high rate of fire, the large drum mag can be emptied quite quickly so keeping to relatively short bursts is important. That said.... Short bursts still produce a large amount of fire.
    I managed to pump out 7000 rounds through out the entire day, which is probably more than I've fired in the whole of last year as a predominantly boltie user, with the occasional M4 Recoil action.
    It's just over 7kg, so it's pretty hefty and can be a pain to carry, especially all day and without a sling. But used properly... Getting bedded down in a fire support position and hammering away at a target it functions excellently.
    The guns physical presence and exceptional rate of fire imbue it with a certain fear factor that can almost be as effective as the hail of BB's it produces.
    Is it worth it??
    If you've got deep pockets for the initial purchase, and then to feed it day in day out.... And you're wanting to hulk this lump about and provide fire support whilst the rest of your team get on their belt buckles and go for glory...
    Then it's a resounding yes.
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  2. My own little review, copied over from the KGB website.





    I've always been a fan of the 'Kurz'. Don't ask me why, because I generally don't like MP5's on the whole.
    I've always been a fan of gas guns, again don't ask me why because generally they are a pain, full of inconsistency, leaky mags, seals etc etc.
    So why on earth would I ever want to get a gas MP5??
    Well, after having both a Kurz AEG and the gas Maruzen MP5k (and the Well one), and thoroughly enjoying both of them despite their foibles, it seemed only logical.
    I'd been waiting for the WE 5k for a while since our resident "Gas Deviant" Kenny mentioned there was one coming out.
    And when one came up at a bargain price, I just had to take the plunge.
    So... as with all reviews, we have to mention the box (don't ask me why?).
    It's sturdy, box like and has a picture of an Apache Helicopter on the front. Tick!
    The Kurz itself. 
    It's a weighty beast for it's size, and this is due to it's steel and polymer construction. No cheap *albatross* monkey metal around here! (not on the outside at least).
    The upper receiver and mag well are tidily made from pressed steel with some very neat weld lines and decent markings. The foresight detailing is crisp and the rear sight is nice and functional. The steel cocking handle is nice and sturdy and operates with a suitable clunk. There is the obligatory sling loop on the rear.
    The lower receiver is made from a good quality polymer that feels robust. It has a very good finish with no noticeable seam lines or imperfections. The ambidextrous fire sectors are in the "Navy" style and it rotates smoothly between the 'safe, semi, 3 round burst and auto' marks.
    The fore grip is made from the same polymer and is nice and tight.
    It's held together with steel pins and strips in the same fashion as the real Kurz.
    I haven't really done an inspection of the innards at this point.
    The Hop is adjusted via a knurled ring underneath the fore grip. Simple and effective. My understanding is that it uses a VSR style rubber, which only bodes well (not had chance to confirm this yet).
    No complaints at this point... 9/10.
    I only have the standard 30 rounders at the moment.
    They are made from metal and like all gas mags are nice and weighty.
    There is no feed port, so it's reloaded through the top, which can be a bit of a pain in the backside. The spring is good and powerful, which only makes reloading them even more of a pain.
    Now, there are a couple of funny levers on the outside of the magazine, which are there to serve the 'stop firing on empty' function. It would appear as though this needs to be reset each time it is loaded otherwise you end up with a 'dead mans click' even with a fully loaded magazine (I'll demonstrate this later). So this in my opinion is a bit of a bind, and could be designed better. Also, as it stick out proud from the back of the magazine, it could easily be inadvertently switched whilst getting the magazine out of a pouch and if you don't check it before putting it in the mag-well, well.... You know where that leads!
    Also a couple of the mags were leaky already. Whilst this doesn't surprise me, it is a mild annoyance.
    So. Mags, solidly made, design could possibly be better, better seals wouldn't go amiss. 5/10
    Insert the Magazine with the bolt held open. Click the bolt release home with a satisfying clunk and you're ready to rock and roll.
    I've filled the mag full with from a fresh can of Propane. The temp outside was pretty cold (about 5 degrees) and non of the mags or gas had been pre-heated prior to testing.
    The Kurz fires with a nice snappy report and the recoil, whilst good, isn't massive. Suitable but not overwhelming.
    I haven't had chance to measure the range or crono it yet, but anyone who knows my garden will be able to judge. It fired quite nicely from my Garage to out the top of the garden into the woods beyond (easily) (approx 40m). The hop was still a little aggressive on 0.25's even in it's fully off position and floated them up a touch. No biggy as it may settle down, or I just use a slightly heavier ammo.
    For a Barrel length that is as long as a cigarette, the accuracy was surprisingly good with it flying straight and true (apart from the over hop).
    3 Round Burst. Probably the best function of this little gun. Superb. A Faultless 'clack clack clack' spitting out three beebs in quick succession. The rate of fire isn't as mental as the Maruzen Kurz, but still good enough.
    Full auto. As you'd expect. Keep the trigger down to empty the mag in no time what so ever.
    There was an element of 'cool down' when firing the burst in quick succession or the full auto. From a fresh fill in cold weather, I managed to squeeze out about 2/3rds of the mag before I suffered cool down. After leaving the mag for a while, I was able to empty a whole mag, but only just. Warmer weather and a bit more 'mag preparation' is probably going to be the order of the day.
    This is really only to be expected though, it is a GAS gun after all. They have their foibles, and you have to learn to live with them.
    This is what happens when you don't flick the lever on the back of the bag before putting it in!
    Initial impressions.
    The 5k is a neat little compact primary. It's well built and superbly detailed (despite the slight skew on the mags that people have pointed out). It feels great in the hand and functions as it should. The slightly over complicated mag stop system may prove to be a little annoying unless you can really get into the habit of checking them before they go in, and making sure the bolt is open before inserting a new mag.
    So this is not for the drill sloppy or the spray and pray merchants. It really is a 'professionals' item. It will require work and attention, keeping on top of leaky mags and the such like. And it will require some switched on thinking when using it.
    But it fires straight and true, with a good recoil and sound to keep a decent sense of immersion and amusement.
    Time will tell how it holds up to skirmishing, and how practical this magazine thing is.
    at the moment, out of the box... 7/10.


    Well, decided to do a bit of investigation into this bolt stop doohickey to see what makes it tick, and if there is any way I can make it tick better.


    So here's the mag top, with the cover retaining screw removed.




    And here is the mag with the cover removed.




    You can see all the cam levers and how they work and mesh together.


    And here is the mag with the 'bolt stop' lever removed.




    As you can see at the 7 o'clock position there is a tiny spring, that has an equally tiny ball bearing that sits in it. This locates in two recesses on the back of the lever as it moves up and down. Either keeping it in the 'up' position, or the 'down' position.


    It's not strong enough to keep it in the down position if you inadvertently flick it up, the same as if it was dragged out of a pouch. Which is my cause for concern.



    The whole system is actuated when the BB follower pushes to the top (as you'd expect) and the spring pressure from the BB well, is firm enough to keep this lever in the 'up' position.
    The gun fires when the lever is in the DOWN position, and the bolt stops when it goes into the UP position.


    So, this got me wondering.


    "is the spring pressure enough to negate the need for the tiny ball bearing??"


    So I removed the ball bearing and sure enough without it, the lever is free to move up and down quite nicely. With no BB's in the mag, the follower pressure is sufficient to keep the lever in the 'UP' position.

    So I tried a little experiment.


    I loaded some BB's and left the lever UP. Just adding BB's wasn't sufficient to allow the lever to fall down into the DOWN position all by itself.

    So I loaded the BB filled mag into the gun with the lever in the UP position and then took it back out.

    The bolt stop lever on the inside of the gun itself has enough pressure to push the lever downwards when the mag is inserted.


    So I repeat the process and load the mag with the lever up and pull the trigger. She FIRES!


    "We're onto a winner here" thinks I.


    So I proceed to empty the mag... 

    It dry fires...


    "B.u.gger" thinks I.


    Thinking it might be a problem with the mag I reassemble it with the ball bearing and try again. Bolt stops on empty.




    (process is tried a few times to see if the above results are consistent... they are).



    My conclusion is that the overly large BB follower in the top of the BB channel sticks up so far that when the bolt comes forward it is being pushed down ever so slightly by the loading nozzle, sufficiently so, that the pressure on the BB follower spring is released just enough that the bolt stop lever can push the little lever on the back of the mag down enough as it cycles to make the system inoperative.


    I think that IF the BB follower was of the type that sat off to one side such as you'd find in a Hi-Capa magazine, such as the loading nozzle does not exert any pressure on the follower when in the forward (empty) position. Then my little mod would work perfectly.


    And thus negate the need for having to remember to flick down the little lever each time you load in a new mag.



    I've yet to go ripping apart the top of the mag lip to get at the follower to see if it can be modified to see whether my idea has any credence.

    I'm probably going to see if I can obtain a spare BB follower from WE so I can mod it and see if this works.




    Finally skirmished mine in CQB today.



    Absolutely awesome!


    Yes, the mag catch thing can catch you out if you're not well on top of it as you install a new mag. Yes the mag catches can get knocked down when pulling it out of the mag pouch. Mine are fairly loose, so I didn't have too much of a problem with it. But it is worth noting, and in my opinion it's something WE should look to remedy.

    It's not as disastrous as you might think, and I think I only suffered about two mag 'clicks' throughout the entire day.

    There has to be an easy fix.

    We tried taking a tiny bit off the top of the follower, and yes it works with my mod that I mentioned before, but the downside is that it leaves a round in the chamber. Not too much of an issue if you can remember to cock the gun before putting in a fresh mag.



    But that said. Baring in mind it's pretty cold today. It fared very well. 
    The three round burst works like a charm, the full auto is sweet as a nut. I'd say it struggles to empty a full mag before gassing out. Probably won't be an issue in warmer temperatures, but in the depths of winter, it's something to be aware of.


    The recoil is sturdy and gives a positive amount of feedback. Certainly has a very nice feel to it.

    Coupled with a nice shoulder harness the pointability of this thing is perfect.


    The range is pretty good, and having had the chance to crono this on Propane, it's running closer to 340-350fps than the advertised 300-310. I still had it over-hopping ever so slightly on 0.25's. But that didn't matter due to the ranges in CQB.


    I scored a number of very good kills and was able to sweep up opposition very nicely, even against the AEG Hi-Cap crowd.


    I can confirm it is a VSR style hop rubber, although WE have used their own, with a slightly different nub, closer to an A+ style square nub.
    So that bodes well.


    All in all, I've had a damned fine day, very enjoyable with some very good results.


    Very pleased with this little Kurz.

    few little things that could be improved upon. But then isn't that always the case.





    Well, had a couple of the long 50 round mags turn up...


    Not much to say about them beyond the standard smaller mags. They're longer, and hold more rounds.


    Work in exactly the same fashion, made from the same stuff. Bit leaky to start off with, but disappeared with a bit of oil.



    I've also got myself a folding PDW stock, and with a little modification it will be able to fit the standard K backplate.

    Will need two hold drilling for bolts, and the inner bolt brake will need a tiny bit of modification.


    Still think it's bleddy awesome.


    After a few hours cogitation and a bit with the dremel....


    She's now a PDW.


    (ignore the cheapy red-dot. needed something in a hurry).









    A quick skirmish update.

    I have to report that it doesn't like getting wet. And I'm not talking a splash of rain here.... I'm on about up to your nadgers, swimming on land kind of wet.

    The Kurz got a bit of a drenching at the weekend and the hop didn't like it. Still fired... but was all over the place.

    Easily sorted when all the water was taken out... Still fires exceptionally well for such a small barrel.
    After a few weeks use..
    I'd still give it a 7 out of 10


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  3. Hi chaps, thanks for the persistence, but I think I've cracked it.


    I've finally got chance for a buddy of mine to bring his along to a game, so we did a bit of switching about.


    it appears as though it is a combination of a couple of issues all marrying together.


    Now, this is with the standard 30/82 round mags (just for those who are interested). The issue was happening with all of my mags (6 in total), to varying degrees, some being worse than others.


    HIs mags worked fine. Mine were shot.

    So we gave mine a real good polish on the inside (as mentioned above), still the same.

    Used blasters, still misfeeding, but better.

    We swapped his springs out with mine, we had good feeding, all happy, using blasters, but we did have issues using other ammo.



    So it seems as though my springs are getting a little tired, and ammo choice, definitely has to be blasters.



    So, just a bit of a hunt to grab some new springs for the mags and I'll be good to rock.



    So once we had sorted that out, she went back in the case and I used the VSR for the day! Which was lucky, because I was up to my earholes in water, so the AEG might have complained.

  4. it's definitely the mag....


    If I hold the magazine out of the gun, and pull the BB retaining latch back... nothing happens. Normally this should result in something akin to a Bukkake video, but it doesn't.




    Short of changing the spring over when I first got it, she's never needed to be apart. And it has been working fine since then. I think the mag springs are shagged.


    I'm probably going to order a couple of G&P reinforced ones from WGC. I know they are not specifically for the Recoil M4 mag, but they look similar and if they don't fit, I've only wasted $6.

    worth a shot as these mags are seriously putting a downer on what should be a joy to use.

  5. Hola folks...


    Now, just a quick one, and hopefully there is a solution to this one as I am nearly about to bin my M4.


    She doesn't get used all that often, because I use the VSR and Mk23 predominantly.


    The mags are are still not feeding fine. I've narrowed it down to the mags because when they are out of the gun and you pull the little latch back, the BB's stay firmly in the mag and don't spit out everywhere. Just in case anyone thinks it's something other than the mags.


    The mag innards are clean, as I have just spent about 3 hours polishing the BB track to make sure it's sparkly and they still stick.

    They have never been left filled with ammo.

    They used to be flawless, but now they're not.

    Seems to occur no matter what ammo I put in them.


    I can only assume the springs are getting a little tired (despite their little use), and even giving them a little tweak doesn't seem to alleviate the problem.





    1: Anyone else having this issue?

    2: Anyone got a quick fix?

    3: Does anyone know where I can get replacement mag springs and if so, do they do a stronger one?




  6. It is difficult to compare the two,


    But the same argument can be said for the TM M4 and old TM M4.


    They are two different kettles of fish, both very good each with their own pro's and con's.




    But I always base my purchases on Value for Money.


    Which is why for me, the Marui M4 (new one) just wins hands down.


    I've used a systema, before the Recoil M4 was out, and I never bought one because I didn't think it represented value for money.

    Yes, it's well built,

    yes it has a burst function

    yes its realistic in size

    yes it has the 'stop on empty' function.

    yes it has an easy spring change


    But I'd expect all of this, because it was (as then) so stupidly expensive, both to purchase initially, and to repair when it failed.


    For that reason alone I never bought one, and never will..... not now.




    The Recoil M4...


    is well built

    has the stop on empty function

    Has recoil.... The major factor in the realism thing here

    is reliable

    has an easy spring change (once you've done the mod)

    Magazines have Lo and Mid capability.


    It can have the 3 round burst function with the addition of a MosFet (as I have done to mine).


    And it's comparatively cheap (prices taken from WGC, sorry... dollars)

    Systema = $1391 TM = $499

    Mags = $54 Mag = $24



    So, for approximately ONE THIRD of the price (by the time you've shelled out for 5 mags), you can get something that has infinitely more 'realism' and reliability.

    Now, for me, that is VALUE FOR MONEY.


    Would I buy an old gen Marui M4 at $289 (or even worse an old Gen M4 S-System at $458... eeeek). NO, they just don't represent value for money.


    There you go.... there's my reasoning.



    I'm assuming that with a decent 'Fet, and a good battery the trigger response can be made faster too.

    I must get a decent fet for mine rather than the plug-in one. (which is good... just not as good as the gun deserves).

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  7. I'll just drag this one up a bit.


    I've currently got one of these, and I had the Maruzen one all those years ago.

    I've managed to get some of the 50 round magazines from WGC, so that's all good.


    Now, these things are actually pretty reasonable. They are cheap, and can be a bit of a nightmare, but with a few tweaks they can be reasonably reliable. They don't like the cold weather and the mags can be prone to gassing out, so winter use is probably going to cause you some heartache.


    The magazines are prone to leaking, so a good lube and possibly changing the O rings over is always a good precaution to take.


    Now this baby is a fixed hop, which can be a bane for a gas gun, so experimenting with BB weights when using this to find the optimum BB weight for your particular conditions is again, a MUST, if you are to get the most out of this.

    It is possible to adjust the hop, but it's incredibly fiddly, and requires you to take the barrel out and put tiny slivers of stuff above the hop unit to pack it out. I've used teeny weeny bits of Photographic Negative, which gave good results.

    Personally, adjusting the BB weight is a much simpler way of achieving the same results.


    Now the bit that breaks on these little babies is the top of the loading nozzle.

    There is a little spring that sits on the top and it has two 'U' shaped retainers to keep the spring (and the rod it slides on) in situ. The forward one is very thin and is prone to breaking.

    Now the problem occurs with this when the spring jumps over the retainer, it then gets jammed as the carrier goes forward (normally very fast for anyone who's shot one of these!), and it rips the front retainer off.....

    One dead gun.


    Now, Guarder made a reinforced one of these, but they are rarer than rocking horse pooh now.



    a little tweaking is required.


    Now, the fix is very simple and it's as true now as it was back in 2005 for the Maruzen one.

    Get a good old fashioned Biro pen. Cut the tiniest sliver off the top of the inner tube (the bit that holds the ink). About 2-3mm is perfect.

    Now place this over the retaining rod, so it sits between the spring and the 'U' shaped bit on the front of the loading nozzle. Just make sure that it's reasonably free running on the rod.


    This stops the spring jumping off it's track.



    Et voila.


    Mine runs on propane and is madder than a box of frogs.

    My Maruzen one ran for ages like this, I sold it because I stopped using it (didn't hear any reports of it breaking after that). My current WELL one is running fine just the same.


    How long I'll keep it I just don't know. It's not quite my style, but they are intensely funny and make you giggle ever time you shoot them.

    And hell... if it breaks... it was cheap!

  8. Agreed with AnakChan here...


    Once you've swapped out the initial spring, (like all Marui's the spring comes embedded in the piston), changing the spring is a five minute job. Just unscrew the buffer tube and pull the spring out.

    So whilst the initial taking apart can be a bit time consuming (no longer than taking any normal V2 gearbox apart), any subsequent spring changes are a doddle.


    And if anything, taking the gearbox apart is easier than a standard V2 because the spring isn't under tension when you're trying to work on it!



    Like all things pot metal.... if you constantly abuse it, it will wear and eventually break.

    I've only ever needed to go in mine once or twice (for the initial spring change), and it's fine. Had it a while now, but granted she doesn't get a lot of use.

  9. Update from today.


    magazines performed flawlessly. No jamming, stopping on empty without fail.

    All six mags, no problems at all.


    (this is with removing the little 'two ball' follower)


    ***does a little happy dance***


    got some sweet kills with it too. Granted, not as many as with my Mk23 Socom, but then single shot has always been my bag.

    I now just need a decent red-dot that is nice and bright and it won't kill.....

  10. Nice review Chas.


    Just if anyone is interested, I can recommend getting a 50 round extended mag for your Hi-Capa. Not just the Full-Auto one.


    They balance the 4.3 really well in the palm, and, well......it's got more rounds in it! Which in a Full-Auto is only a bonus.

    I swear by them in my 4.3.


    I got mine from Elite Shooting Centre (UK).

  11. Richard, I don't think the flaky bolt stop has anything to do with the BB's.


    It's only flaky when it tries to operate the bolt stop (when the mag is EMPTY of beebs....)



    It just seems as though the lever force isn't positive enough to push up the bolt stop operator on the bottom of the gearbox, when the BB follower reaches the top of it's track.

    For me, I gained a mm or two by removing that top 'two ball' shaped follower, thus increasing the lever throw, making the lever action more positive. Adding the tape/shrink has the same effect, by starting the lever throw a couple of mm earlier.


    I can only see two possible magazine related issues that cause this.


    1: weak springs not pushing the follower up with enough pressure.

    2: The BB follower isn't going high enough in its track for the little actuating block (nub) on the back of it to push the levers up enough.

    This is possibly caused by a couple of factors. The obvious one is number 1 as above. It could be that the little nub is worn or not designed high enough. It could be that the follower is being prevented from travelling high enough by the 'two ball' follower being too long in design, or as the track narrows at the top, this is choking the BB follower before it travels high enough.



    Obviously, if there is any issue with the bolt stop mechanism on the bottom of the gearbox, starting to seize, being tight etc, then this will produce the same result.



    But any mod that starts the levers acting sooner should help.


    That's how I see it anyway.



    TK... what's your UKG callsign?

  12. me too.... it would appear as though the lever system doesn't have quite enough pressure when pushed up to flawlessly operate the bolt stop.


    By adding the bit of heat shrink, or as in my case, removing the follower to allow it to travel up a bit further adds a little more pressure making it much more reliable.



    It might well be ghetto.... but it works, and that's all that matters.

  13. You're not the only one Spence.


    Vic down here at KGB has one of these too and it too has had the nozzle go.

    I've been inside this and it is truly lovely. Very nicely put together, which unfortunately confounds Vic all the time. He has little patience and trying remove a part with a hidden roll pin or grub screw usually ends up with it being hit with a hammer!


    He loves his, and hates it at the same time. But I did warn him..... it's a gas gun. They'll draw you in and chew you up!


    If you can deal with heartache and pain, this is a nice gun to own.

  14. I add a similar issue, but a simple fixed solved it. Put some paper spacers between the mag and the mag plate...that will push the internal mag up higher so i feeds better.


    Cheers buddy, but it's not the feed spring as you describe. I know this because if I take the mag out and pull the little catch back, none of the Beebs come spewing out. Give it a solid whack and it'll unjam and spit them all over the room.

    I'm sure it's something inside the feed-track.

    I'll give the removed top follower trick a bit of a run through this weekend and see how it fares.



    White.... Good luck with that. Whilst yes they are a bit more solid, they are also fraught with more danger.

    Vic had one and the motor went (apparently a common issue when running the red cylinder), and that cost an arm and a leg to get fixed. The mags are mad expensive too.

    So yeah, you'll be seeing the best part of a grand and a half for gun and mags.


    I'd rather have 3 Marui recoil M4's for that price, and pimp one out with a stack of gucci parts for that price.

    But that's just me.


    Richard.... I've already whipped out those ribs. I've been an M4 owner (not just the recoil one) for many years, so know a few tricks.

    Was just wondering if the MOE grip was any larger on the inside. Only needs to be a mm or two, bigger in the vertical downwards.

    I may get a bit medieval with the dremel if all else fails.

    I don't have much room in there with the mosfet, connectors and all the gubbins.


    We're all good.

  15. Hmmm... pity about the MOE foregrip. Had some hopes about that.

    I have to say, my current best fix is a decent length of Gaffa tape! Might take a poke at that G&P ring.


    BB's.. varies, blasters, devils (I know same brand), Pro-Ball, Bio's, Zero1's own brand, and a few others. 0.2's and 0.25's. All seem to be the same.


    What I have just done (in the few minutes before dinner), is to take out the little two-ball spacer that sits on top of the BB follower. And whilst this does leave 1 BB in the mag when empty, it has certainly improved the feeding and has cured the somewhat flaky stopping on empty issue.

    It still has the occasional misfeed on semi, but for the most part it seems to be holding up.


    On this mag at least!



    This problem isn't just unique to me, it also happens to another chap at my site with his M4. Very strange.

  16. Hola chaps...


    been a while.


    Well, now that the crappy weather is starting to return, I've seen fit to get the SOCOM out of it's bag once again and put the VSR away (or at least down, whilst it's windy).


    I've upgraded to a 7.4v LiPo and it's a lovely addition battery wise.

    I've got a couple of LiPo's, one being a tad bigger than the other.


    I'm getting problems with one of them being a little too tight. It fits, but the delta ring spring is so weak, it pops open spewing the battery out.

    Does anyone know if the MOE foregrip is any bigger internally?

    It only needs to be a smidge bigger.



    And as per usual, I'm getting my usual magazine feeding issues.

    Nearly all of my mags stick at some point. Highly annoying in an otherwise flawless rifle.

    The feeding issue also causes the feed spring not to push up the mag stop on some of them too.


    Now, before anyone says.....

    They are cleaned to within an inch of their life and they are always emptied, so the springs aren't compressed and the insides are not dirty.


    Any ideas?


    I'm convinced the internal design of the spring follower is a bit pants and just hanging up on its travel.


    Cheers all.

  17. You don't need a tool Richard, just a couple of tiny spots of grease and a ball point pen. They are fiddly... but it's easy when you get the knack.

    As for when you'll need the shower... You'd be surprised. They are immensely funny. A great snap shot weapon. Make sure the seals are good and run that bad boy on propane!



    Nice gat though, what bits did you use? The guys down here are dribbling over it. Crazy Nam fans the lot of them!

  18. It's odd, because nobody else seems to have the problem, yet both me and James have the new M4 and we both have feed issues.


    Must be something to do with our site.


    I don't know where they are binding, but they are binding somewhere.


    Basically the feed gets stuck at various points (sometimes more than once in the same mag) and if you give it a bit of a clout, it unbinds and starts to go again.


    I've had the mags apart, cleaned them to within an inch of their life, and it still binds. I can't see what''s causing it. there doesn't appear to be any obstructions. But it doesn't like what ever it is.



    I was just curious, because both of us are getting the same problem, was just wondering if anyone else was.

  19. Kenny's got one down here, and we'll be meeting up on the 2nd, so we'll do a side by side comparison of his and my TM one then.



    Just a complete aside, is anyone getting sticking mag springs? (stock TM lo-caps) I keep getting misfeeds on some of them. YES I'VE CLEANED THEM! MORE THAN ONCE.... and still getting the same.


    Anyone come up with a solution? I've done a mod to some which has cured it, but need to revisit some of the other mags. But time is an issue at the moment.

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