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  1. I'm not overly fussed to be honest, it's coming off anyway as she's slowly turning into an M56 Smart Gun.
  2. Well, here's my initial review of my AGM version of the MG42 ( I am lead to believe that it is the same brand as the Matrix, just in a different box) It's not my style, but I was after a 42 for some other project (M56 SmartGun here we come) and this made perfect sense as it fulfilled a number of functions... So... As an airsoft gun. The AGM MG42 is a surprisingly good bit of kit. It's not cheap at £480, but considering it's an MG42, one of the most iconic machine guns in existence and the only other available MG42 Airsoft gun is the Shoei one and that comes in at £1500, it's not
  3. Where did you get your A2 from?? and how much?? One of the guys here wants one after seeing the Kurz, but wants a full size one.
  4. My own little review, copied over from the KGB website. Quote Well, decided to do a bit of investigation into this bolt stop doohickey to see what makes it tick, and if there is any way I can make it tick better. So here's the mag top, with the cover retaining screw removed. And here is the mag with the cover removed. You can see all the cam levers and how they work and mesh together. And here is the mag with the 'bolt stop' lever removed. As you can see at the 7 o'clock position there is a tiny spring, that has an equally tiny ball bearing th
  5. Does anyone know if the bolt stop mechanism (on the gearbox) is available or has one spare. A buddy of mine just got hold of the Army R50 and I was hoping we could retrofit this part and give him the bolt stop function.
  6. Hi chaps, thanks for the persistence, but I think I've cracked it. I've finally got chance for a buddy of mine to bring his along to a game, so we did a bit of switching about. it appears as though it is a combination of a couple of issues all marrying together. Now, this is with the standard 30/82 round mags (just for those who are interested). The issue was happening with all of my mags (6 in total), to varying degrees, some being worse than others. HIs mags worked fine. Mine were shot. So we gave mine a real good polish on the inside (as mentioned above), still the same. U
  7. Yup, mag screws are only in and nipped up (not even that..). Used a number of different ammo types, including blaster 0.25's. all the same. quite depressing really.
  8. it's definitely the mag.... If I hold the magazine out of the gun, and pull the BB retaining latch back... nothing happens. Normally this should result in something akin to a Bukkake video, but it doesn't. Short of changing the spring over when I first got it, she's never needed to be apart. And it has been working fine since then. I think the mag springs are shagged. I'm probably going to order a couple of G&P reinforced ones from WGC. I know they are not specifically for the Recoil M4 mag, but they look similar and if they don't fit, I've only wasted $6. worth a shot a
  9. Hola folks... Now, just a quick one, and hopefully there is a solution to this one as I am nearly about to bin my M4. She doesn't get used all that often, because I use the VSR and Mk23 predominantly. The mags are are still not feeding fine. I've narrowed it down to the mags because when they are out of the gun and you pull the little latch back, the BB's stay firmly in the mag and don't spit out everywhere. Just in case anyone thinks it's something other than the mags. The mag innards are clean, as I have just spent about 3 hours polishing the BB track to make sure it's sparkl
  10. It is difficult to compare the two, But the same argument can be said for the TM M4 and old TM M4. They are two different kettles of fish, both very good each with their own pro's and con's. But I always base my purchases on Value for Money. Which is why for me, the Marui M4 (new one) just wins hands down. I've used a systema, before the Recoil M4 was out, and I never bought one because I didn't think it represented value for money. Yes, it's well built, yes it has a burst function yes its realistic in size yes it has the 'stop on empty' function. yes it has an e
  11. I'll just drag this one up a bit. I've currently got one of these, and I had the Maruzen one all those years ago. I've managed to get some of the 50 round magazines from WGC, so that's all good. Now, these things are actually pretty reasonable. They are cheap, and can be a bit of a nightmare, but with a few tweaks they can be reasonably reliable. They don't like the cold weather and the mags can be prone to gassing out, so winter use is probably going to cause you some heartache. The magazines are prone to leaking, so a good lube and possibly changing the O rings over is always a
  12. Agreed with AnakChan here... Once you've swapped out the initial spring, (like all Marui's the spring comes embedded in the piston), changing the spring is a five minute job. Just unscrew the buffer tube and pull the spring out. So whilst the initial taking apart can be a bit time consuming (no longer than taking any normal V2 gearbox apart), any subsequent spring changes are a doddle. And if anything, taking the gearbox apart is easier than a standard V2 because the spring isn't under tension when you're trying to work on it! Like all things pot metal.... if you constantly abu
  13. Update from today. magazines performed flawlessly. No jamming, stopping on empty without fail. All six mags, no problems at all. (this is with removing the little 'two ball' follower) ***does a little happy dance*** got some sweet kills with it too. Granted, not as many as with my Mk23 Socom, but then single shot has always been my bag. I now just need a decent red-dot that is nice and bright and it won't kill.....
  14. WGC have got them in stock at the moment. http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=searchItem&item=TM-MAG-HC50&search=special&rs=hi-capa&catid=&cat=
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