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  1. Apologies for taking a while to reply. To check if that is the case Ill have a look on the call logger BT have to check if I did call the correct number or not, but if I did call the wrong number someone answered it Land Warrior Airsoft Josh speaking (in a Scottish accent) which I took in good stead because I cant physically see that person and I know LWA is based in Dalkeith and if it turns out to be an error on my part (which I will admit if I have once I've looked) someone is answering their phone as your company and causing these problems.
  2. Well when I called he said his name was Josh I cant mind read whether its his real name or not but he answered the phone Land Warrior Airsoft and I called the number that was on the LWA site? I would like to say judging from the way you replied clanfalcon it doesn't sound like an everyday thing which is good because with our sport we need retailers that are decent and reliable and as a said at the bottom of my original post I have had good service off your before and I wouldn't put a review about a retailer on an open forum unless it had happened to me I'm not like that.
  3. Yes it was and that's what surprised me the most because their rep is so good because at the end of the day if I thought they were rubbish I wouldn't have bought a £300+ rifle off them I would have gone somewhere else with my money
  4. I never said I emailed and I did call on the 3rd of August when it happened and spoke to someone called Josh and to be honest I take offence to you accusing me of lying I don't roll like that full stop if I liked lying I would play paintball not airsoft, and this was my first post because I got recommended to copy the review over to here by a friend. I just did it to inform not to start an argument, I just said an honest review of what happened to me and if you choose to believe that or not its your problem and like I said at the bottom of my original post I have never had a problem with L
  5. Retailer: Land Warrior Airsoft Product/service purchased: ICS L85A2 Date: 30/07/2012 Details: I had been wanting an SA80 for ages and finally decided to get one and everywhere else was out of stock apart from LWA so I got it from them paid for 24 hour TNT delivery it came to £332 total, got it though charged up my batteries and took it into the garden for the usual lets put some rounds through it to see if it works! well it did for the first 150rds then it died so I phoned up LWA and said the usual just bought it etc. tested it, died after 150rd... they told me oh well not our problem a
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