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  1. who knows.... Hopefully it'll be of use to someone anyway! Thanks for the compliment - glad you liked it. Oh - If a mod could move those pics in post 3 into the main post and then nuke posts 2&3 it'd be appreciated.
  2. Is there a fixed number of edits allowed? I did quite a few edits for spelling and whatnot, but now the option has disappeared! wanted to move some stuff about and add some bits - if a mod could let me know how I can do that then thanks!
  3. Please note, I am going to add some more detailed photo's tomorrow! G&P M4 Special Operations Review: Just a little background on me (a review is only as useful as the guy doing the reviewing!). If thou care not then skip this preamble and onto the review! I have taken part in airsoft for what must be around 9 years by now, starting at around 14/15 with a Sturm Ruger Spring pistol just plinking around the garden with a pair of goggles and some friends (oh the days...). I was hooked and soon I moved up in the world and, after buying a TM spas 12, went to my first proper skirm
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