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  1. what outer barrel did you use in your Springfield? I'm in the process of building my Springfield out of TM 1911, but haven't found a outer barrel yet. I'm thinking of a sliver one, but haven't found it at any retailers.

  2. Redwolf is the only one that I'm aware of who calls the new tanaka midnight finish "midnight black". GnG simply calls it "midnight." It depends on the light and the background colors in the photos, and as pointed out, it has a bronze look under good light conditions. GnG's photos are fairly accurate. WGC's photo for the midnight gold is definitely wrong unless Tanaka makes a special midnight gold finish for WGC.

  3. Well, I've got the reticule straight (as in when I look through the eye relief), but the knob that I turn to illuminate the scope doesn't line up with the rail and the top adjustment knob :P)


    Must just be where I whacked it when I got it out of the box... Methinks I should look after my stuff a bit more...  :rolleyes:



    I see what you mean. Upon closer examination, the illumination knob does look slightly off. I don't know how much misaligned yours is, but mine is barely noticeable.

  4. Random question for you and Shao, on the eye relief end of your scope, is that section of the scope slightly jaunted, mine is and I'm not sure if it's where I knocked it :P


    Oh, and hope you don't mind me asking but how much d'ya pay for yours? ;)



    I am not sure what you mean by the eye relief end being jaunted. Mine looks perfectly normal to me.


    I paid about 60 USD for the scope + mount rings + shipping.

  5. I really dislike it when you go to look in a picture thread, and all you see is one picture in one whole page, adn the rest just petty comments, i reckon that picture threads should be strictly pictures only, if you want to comment give them a +1

    Don't you all agree?


    I totally agree that all the picture threads are plagued by excessive non-necessary comments. If one wants to rep the picture poster, by all means rep the person, but what's point of making a post saying just "+1"?


    Some comments asking and/or clarifying certain parts of the picture are perfectly fine, and probably necessary.


    Other comments complimenting how great a picture is are nice to see by not really necessary.


    As for now, there's no special rule for posting in picture threads, and we, the mods, just do go clean up specific things as complaints arises.


    I'll tell you what, if you see a whole bunch spam on a page that makes you have to scroll a lot to see a picture in a picture thread, feel free to hand out neg-points to the spammers, and if anybody tries to retaliate, you come to me, and I'll take care of them for ya. Hopefully, after a while, people will think twice about posting un-necessary comments in picture threads. ;)

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