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  1. Hey I really need your help with the KJW M9 pistol. Email me at cjdontthink@yahoo.com

  2. Thanks for all your help man!

  3. Shao14

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Redwolf is the only one that I'm aware of who calls the new tanaka midnight finish "midnight black". GnG simply calls it "midnight." It depends on the light and the background colors in the photos, and as pointed out, it has a bronze look under good light conditions. GnG's photos are fairly accurate. WGC's photo for the midnight gold is definitely wrong unless Tanaka makes a special midnight gold finish for WGC.
  4. Shao14

    Revolver Picture Thread

    I should probably stop buying revolvers.
  5. Shao14

    Revolver Picture Thread

    This might push you over the edge then.
  6. Shao14

    Revolver Picture Thread

    hehe, looks like just wasn't installed perfectly. Nice photos by the way. I think I still like the old midnight blue better. The new midnight gold has a bronze look to it.
  7. Shao14

    Revolver Picture Thread

    The grip on the old one doesn't seem to fit perfectly.
  8. Shao14

    Revolver Picture Thread

    couple more shots, and a Python for ya. You gotta act quick on those Tananka revolvers.
  9. Shao14

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Guns n' Guys. They are the only one who has it AFAIK.
  10. Shao14

    Revolver Picture Thread

    It sure is. Get one before it's all sold out. I'll take some more close ups photos later. Not really gold, but there's a purple hue to it.
  11. Shao14

    Revolver Picture Thread

    When I saw Tanaka re-released the S&W M29 in its new midnight finish, I asked myself, "do I feel lucky?"
  12. Shao14


    that's the red dot (or rather red cross).
  13. Shao14

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Yeah, almost made me cry. Unfortunately, no one else seems to have this model in stock.
  14. Shao14

    Revolver Picture Thread

    Yep, it's permanently damaged. And the medallions are nowhere to be found in the box. One correction to my last post. The weight 665g on the manual is not for this model, I think that was for the old non-HW 6" black model. I'll need to get a scale to measure how heavy this HW model is. WGC reports it at 735g, which is pretty good for a medium sized airsoft revolver.

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