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  1. koxdipy

    The Computer Question Thread

    I have used an external reader, uninstalled the readers of it, still no response from the card. But i am going to buy a new tomorrow and will take care of it. I want to thank everybody that helped me.
  2. koxdipy

    The Computer Question Thread

    Is it normal having so little option in my disk drives? (yeah i fail with computers) I think my laptop should support ntfs. It was after i clicked on the fix device thing that the card showed it as a fat32, i never heard of it before tbh. I guess it came ntfs as standard?
  3. koxdipy

    The Computer Question Thread

    I haven't read all the 10 pages but i used the search function without any valid result. So here i go. When i play a skirmish, i film it with my gopro and a 32GB sd(hc) card. No problems so far till now. Last time when i put the sd-card in the card reader from my laptop it works like before. When suddenly i get an error report when i had to choose to "fix the device" or something else, i choose to fix it. After that, the card can't be seen in any card reader or camera. But when the card shows up in my computer it showed as a fat 32 thing. On a google search i found to check it with "manage" "my computer" and then using the disk management. The card showed up 2 times (random). On another google search i found someone telling to "exit the device safely" method and it can be fixed that way. I did that the last time my laptop found the sd-card. That was also the last time my laptop could find it, even though it was random. Is there a fix for it?

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