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  1. So far i've used the PicoAB and the SSR, both were great! Now i have a NanoAAB, the new ones, waiting to be installed. Good thing abou these, they are easier to install because you don't have to solder directly to the mosfet. And also, if you have 2 guns, for example, if you wire the gun ready to take the mosfet, you can switch it betwen them, pretty cool.. Of course they can't compare with a micro switch mosfet like the BTC, but then again they are a fraction of the price, and imo they are a must have for any gun..any gun should have a mosfet..and they are so cheap lol
  2. It is indeed! They are super small and very well built.. They are IMO the best "normal" mosfets out on the market
  3. Hey guys, this is a quick review i made of the mosfet picoAB from Gatee. Gatee is, i believe, a polish company, wich make electronics for airsoft, mosfets.. they are most known for the MERF mosfet, but they have other very interesting products, like this the picoAB. AB stands for Active Breaking. Youtube Review: http://youtu.be/Zv0qrcgLKRY Please like, share and Subscribe! Photo of the mosfet: As shown on the photo above, the mosfet is really small..great if you are running a lipo on the buffer tube, or you have small space for the battery.. when installed you almost don't notice it is there.. It's the second smallest mosfet on the market, the first being the picoSSR wich doesn't have the active breaking. I also have one and i recommend it. The mosfets are very professional build, and somewhat easy to install. Not more difficult then any other mosfet. And there is a different version wich is even easier.. i will be making a review on thoose as well, the new nanoAAB. About the mosfet, they say it handles up to 15V but i've heard reports of it damaging the mosfet with 14,8V lipos.. I run an 11.1V lipo and never had any trouble.. But if it burns, or anything, and it is still in the warranty period you just emailed them at their website, you fill up the Product Warranty Form and they will probably send you a new one. It is small in size and in price, they go about 20-30€, may vary on different retailers, but for what you get, it's an awesome price point! I recommend it for any gun, it's a simple, cheap and very usefull upgrade! Either this picoAB or the normal version without the AB, just for protecting your trigger contacts and improve the efficiency of the electrical system, the picoSSR. I don't know where in the UK it is available but you got it in Portugal at http://www.linhadefogo.pt/index.php?route=product/product&path=5_29_162&product_id=598 and in Spain at http://complementosmilitares.com/epages/complementosmilitares.sf/es_ES/?ObjectPath=/Shops/ventas4/Products/AI-REP-MOSFET-004. You can also get it directly from Gatee at: http://gatee.pl/en/picoab I recommend everyone to install a mosfet, even if it is just a normal mosfet, these are cheap and reliable. If you have any questions, or any opinions feel free to ask/share. Best Regards! -Hiro

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