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  1. exactly, they are the same, except that ASG has the "mcmillan" lisence
  2. ah yes, well, you are totally right and now i feel like a *rickroll* for just posting a link with a few simple words :/ How about if i made a nice written review, with some pics and add the video link to it at the end? Would that work? Btw, you should have grinding gears mate, get them shimmed and greased properly (I really understand it from your point of view tho!) Cheers, Mike
  3. Okey I understand, but its really not my intention to get "attention" by this. So you are obviously off because i make single posts with each new review? You might be right with the forum stuff tho, but then again, i spend little time on forums, would written reviews be way better then? And can you please be a little less aggressive towards me next time? im not a kid that needs to be put in its place, you can have an adult conversation with me any time, but i live by a rule that says "dont treat other how you dont like to be treated yourself" so i like to keep things light and with a dose of
  4. You realise you can also be a bit nicer? I have never thought about "shamelessly whoring my media platforms" into here. If i did something wrong, i think a moderator would KINDLY ask me to stop? I also can not seems to find the rules that state this is for written reviews only? And i see lots of video review on the other review sup forums, why dont you comment on those? or is there something different about them? I am also of the opinion that im not shamelessly whoring my social media channels in here since people actually only clock on it IF they are interested... no? I have no problem adm
  5. Hi guys! We have a new review video online Check it out at https://youtu.be/LlON9PTqIGw Cheers TACT
  6. Evening ladies and gents! We just uploaded a new vid Its still a review, although its more of a comparison between the newest Clawgear? MK III combat shirt and the older MK II. We think the shirt has much improved! Check it out at https://youtu.be/YJ1EnJVIGpE Cheers, TACT
  7. BAM! Another review done! We checked out the Revision Military wolfspider goggles. these are fantastic eye protection with an amazing field of view! watch the review at https://youtu.be/vEgKvw75V4k Cheers, TACT
  8. New review online guys We took a look at the MADBULL Lantac Dragon dummy compensator. Check it out at https://youtu.be/0PRnDHjx5xI cheers, Mike
  9. Hi guys, I have another written review for you all This one is about the Pirate Arms m4 outer barrel. [/url] The barrel is made out of aluminum and has a nice black finish. [/url] What I like about this barrel, is that it’s a CQB and Carbine length. You can screw off the front part of the Carbine barrel making it CQB length. [/url] This way you can use the carbine with a long inner barrel for outdoor play and screw off the extender and use it with a short inner barrel for indoor play if you like. CQB: [/url] Carbine: [/url] CQB with silencer: [/url
  10. Hey guys! New review online We took a look at the Recon "shooters cut" plate carrier manufactured by Warrior Assault Systems Check it out at https://youtu.be/PXMJB1ahAgA Cheers, TACT
  11. Hey boys n girls, New review online!! We took a look at some of the Edge Tactical Eyewear glasses! Check it out at https://youtu.be/cksOxt9pOAo This is a quite unknown brand on the European market but DAMN they are nice! Cheers, TACT
  12. Thx for the comment No sorry I did not mention that, they have to be sold separately.
  13. Hey guys, Here is our newest review! We took a look at the ASG McMillan M40A3 sniper rifle along with some accessories. Check it out at https://youtu.be/moFFNg54Dcc Cheers, TACT
  14. Hi guys! Here is our review of the G&P Airsoft M249 Marine. https://youtu.be/3fqGMyPIuO0 Our team member CT01 is the proud owner of this HEAVY but BEAUTIFUL beast! Cheers, TACT
  15. Hi guys, Here is my review of the Pirate Arms KAC QD 168mm Silencer. The package can be ignored since its just a plastic bag. Next to the silencer, you get a metal CCW m4 type flash hider that has a dark grey finish. What I dislike about the flash hider is that it doesn’t have a set screw so that you can fix it onto the barrel. The silencer itself has a nice black coating and bears NO markings. Everybody knows the KAC style suppressors with their typical holes, like we see on many mk18 builds. Inside the housing are foam rings to dampen the sound a bit, bu
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