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  1. Played here over the last couple of weeks. Amazing site, never thought I could play Airsoft in a prison!!! Open areas, very CQB areas, Dark sections, red lit sections, multiple access points to buildings and stairways! This ticks all the boxes, I have played at a few Urban sites in the past that have been derelict and damaged, however E wing is like playing in a brand new building (probably because it is!!) Great players and Marshals, flushing Toilets, elec points as far as you can see, site shop and great food for a change at a site, they even catered for my mates who are gluten free and Vegan!!! They also sell cold drinks and Ice Pops for Christ sake!! Never played a milsim game before but gonna try out the one on the 14th and hope to give a full review of it! Calling the Game The Rock with a British twist! Highly recommend you try the site out if you can get to it guys!! Edited by John H, Today, 09:01 AM.

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