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  1. Your correct i do understand that it was the incorrect term to use. And i will apologize now and correct my post. I will never use that word as a insult again. Edit. I just tried to go and correct my post and it would not let me. and also i dont know if the admins. or mods. have the power to do this but if the word offends people why dont they just block it?
  2. I really dont know how to state this correctly. But i really dont think that its fair for someone to -1 you when you make an opinion on something, especially when the topic is, what do you think about this or how do you like this... here is the post in question man, thats gay i was looking forward to a tipmann airsoft gun. yeah i could of used better words but this is no reason to go and -1 a person in my opinion. I just think that this gets out of hand sometimes. Its abuse of powers in my judgement. But in the end the point that i am trying to get across is that t
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