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  1. Jams you can resolve, like a GBBR you need to work away at it until it's butter smooth. Only annoyance with the APS is the reloading shell aspect You can also mod the dominator 870s to run the APS shells as well, so there are many options. I haven't seen anyone in the past year run the 870 at my local field.
  2. Might have to get a 1J nozzle to get your required Joules you want!
  3. TNT use their own proprietary inner. I'm sure you can hack job one to fit but would recommend. Also not sure why you'd get a wide bore. Maple leaf has a new chamber out aswell
  4. Yes without spring before I put it back in, with spring is stiffer. I'll get a video, maybe that's easier to demo haha
  5. New bucking (maple leaf blue decepticon) Nozzle is slightly lubed (Aluminum), almost all UAC parts asides the BBU and lower.....
  6. How is the air seal for everyone? Using UAC piston head, nozzle, chamber and when I rack the slide, nozzle just goes with the bbu and not stick to the hop up chamber.. almost zero airseal in mine? Any thoughts? Need time to deep dive.
  7. You can get a MKII and put a "gen 1" bolt in, but that's additional costs. The MKII seem to drop after 10 shots, and while I asked IPSC buddy here, 1 bolt fill, lasts about 10-14 shots. As per him
  8. How long do we charge with he new smart shells? IIRC old ones were 3 seconds?
  9. Yeah, I cut the original one and velcroed it in, but I like the PPS style because you can put one in the chamber still
  10. So to confirm before I order from asia; To use the cool PPS shell catcher (one that folds outwards) I'll need 1) APS scope pins 2) PPS shotgun shell catcher 3) 5mm drill bit to make the hole bigger 4) Profit?? @Nonex, have you used yours yet? Is it better then the APS Shell catcher? Assuming you can load a shell in the ejection port now!
  11. Well then why not get a MK I to begin with? Nothing new for MK II asides bolt, ya?
  12. Right, thanks blob. Better to hang onto my original one then look at the MK II
  13. Thanks NonEX Next question: MKII Shotguns seem to be only stocking now, so any "older generations" are not being sold it looks like - atleast in Canada, Anyways, my question was, Can you use the version 1 (smart and non smart shells) in the MKII shotguns without gassing up the bolt?
  14. For those smart shells, can you use the old style to fill it up? (old tool)
  15. Making me want another aow with the new shells lol
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