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  1. This shows the mod for a pistol, but it's the same concept for a midcap. http://www.kwausa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7752 You can also try the diet coke/dish detergent wash for your BBs. http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/32-general-sniper-talk/1040-washing-bb-s.html Also if you can open the magazine, make sure it's clean of debris.
  2. Single stacked mags do have that benefit where you run into less of a jamming issue. From the experiment that lead to the conclusion however, a double stacked midcap with the brand being reviewed don't work well together. If you watch the video, their own premium brand unloads fine in all the double stacked midcaps I had. Similarly with the elite force BBs. If I were to take your argument, all of the BBs I used, independent of brand/quality would've jammed because it was my double stacked midcaps. Which was not the case.
  3. Not a problem. I just want people to be informed buyers. Again, the company's premium brand is great! But because of this incident, I'm hesitant to purchasing BBs that I haven't seen first hand. Even with positive reviews in the past.
  4. The quality of the BB does matter because midcaps have a offset stack. It's like comparing the surface of ice and asphalt. You can glide across the ice in your shoes. Try it on asphalt and you won't get very far.
  5. If you read my 2nd paragraph, I did do the follower guide mod. I did everything I could find on the forums to try to get the BBs to feed in midcaps before posting the video. The reason why I did a continuous unedited video was to prove the BBs don't feed from an unopened box. The company has loyal customers which is great and the premium line is great too! But old positive reviews done on the FRAG line lead people to buy them and they then wonder why they misfeed. The BBbastards premiums are good. The Madbull 0.30s are good too.
  6. A review of the BBBastard FRAG BBs. Please watch the whole video that was recorded in one continuous shot with no edits. These are for the FRAG line that they market as a budget friendly alternative. Their premium line is top notch. https://youtu.be/d91KeA5nv7A Before the review video, I did the coke/detergent cleaning, follower magazine guide, and tried a slew of other magazines to get these to feed in a midcap to no avail. The company did eventually get back to me after watching the video. Refunded my money and also gave me a few bags of their premium line.
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