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  1. Alpha_Wolf

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    Question is where the hell do you find one at this point
  2. Alpha_Wolf

    Tokyo Marui AA12

    The hype is real, this thing at my local CQB is a monster. It doesn't send people running away in fear like my m870 when racked . However people have seen me visually across the way and made a conscious decision to figure out another route. It's heavy and cumbersome but in a good way, I haven't had a single misfeed, outta it since. If the gun has issues i havent seen em yet. The drum mag is gonna take it to the next level. I couldn't rationalize buying 3-4 more mags when i kkow the drum is around the corner. When it releases they'll be no reason to use the mags anymore. With the gun being so expensive i doubt i'll easily sell them. So i use one mag and keep a few speedloaders in my pocket. In between deaths. I'll top off the mag an go again WHEN THE DRUM GETS HERE, FEAR ME!
  3. Alpha_Wolf

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    my bad Renegade, wrong thread haha
  4. Alpha_Wolf

    APS CAM870 Impressions

    Arent those the single shot ones? steel barrels but plastic bodies?
  5. Alpha_Wolf

    Marui M870 Fix and Tuning Thread

    All reports i have read show that the SAT valve is expensive junk. Regardless of lubing seals or using the stock set up it leaks horridly. I have yet to find 1 account of a good review. ALthough i can not find info on the pro arms variation that is negative or positive
  6. Alpha_Wolf

    Marui M870 Fix and Tuning Thread

    Interesting, makes me question the design of TM especially since they just released news of their wood m870, which is a heretic act within itself. Then again they'll justify issues since we're now using duster which just int powerful enough. I am a little lost why this "air pocket" is essential, i figure a vacuum space with the needed gas is preferred, not to mention allowing more shots. Is it safe to say it'll always leak with GG or propane? What about the PRO ARMS/SAT valve??
  7. Alpha_Wolf

    Marui M870 Fix and Tuning Thread

    Dont be holding out on us renegade, whats the scoop!
  8. Alpha_Wolf

    Marui M870 Fix and Tuning Thread

    Hooorah! You dont happen to know which generation of m870 you have do you

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