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Found 1 result

  1. -Clover-

    Stark-Arms/VFC Glock 19

    This won't be a super comprehensive review, but I wanted to post my initial impressions of the newest Glock 19 to the airsoft market. Unboxing: The gun comes in a plain jane brown box with some foam, a one page Instruction Manual / Parts Diagram (in english, surprisingly), the Glock itself, and a spare metal barrel. The gun comes shipped with a tradeless plastic outer barrel installed. I can post pictures of the box later if anyone's truly interested, but it's really not all that exciting to behold. Onto the gun: I've owned quite a number of Airsoft Glocks throughout my addiction with this hobby. From KSC's (18's, 34's, 19's) and Tokyo Marui's (17's, 18's) running the gamut from bone stock to upgraded with things like Prime slides, Guarder frames, and so forth. I've handled after market slides from pretty much all the major manufacturers. All that said, I have to say this gun has (in my humble opinion) the most realistic finish in comparison to the real deal that I've ever come across. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Better than Prime?? Blashpemy!" Don't get me wrong, Prime slide's are amazing, and their attention to detail is great. But that's just it, the detail is SO good that it almost looks *too* good. I've shot and handled a variety of Glock firearms in real life, and while they were pretty nice to behold, none of them had that perfect CNC finish to them which Prime is known for. The slide on this gun isn't a 1:1 finish to the real one by any means, but it's close enough for plinking/collecting/skirmishing purposes. The same note goes for the frame too. I liked the frames on my KSC Glock 19's the best in comparison to stock TM and Guarder stuff, but now that I've handled this I can tell you I won't be going back to KSC anytime soon! So basically what I'm getting at is this: out of the box this is, hands down, the finest airsoft Glock I've ever had the fortune to handle. Your mileage may vary, but I base my opinion on my past experience with the other models I've owned. Technical stuff: The biggest selling point for me was that this gun was at least partially TM based internally. I love the almost god-like durability of the KSC Glock 19's, but the hop up system and over all fit and finish of the guns (stock) always left a little something to be desired. The pin-system of the magazines , too, was always a bit of a pain in comparison to the screw-design of the TM mags when it came timet to perform basic maintenance on them. Thus far I can't confirm that the gun is 100% TM compatible, but things sure look that way. Comparing the parts diagrams side to side it looks like a lot of the major components such as the impact hammer, hop up, inner barrel, and hammer springs (trigger springs, etc.) *should* all be compatible. Looking at the internals it seems that VFC took Tokyo Marui G18 internals, and just put them into the 19's frame. General thoughts: I got this to use as a training pistol for Concealed-Carry shooting, so obviously I was concerned about it fitting into the holsters I planned to use. The biggest reason I typically kept KSC's over TM's is that the KSC would fit into my leather holsters without issue. As most of us know the TM Glocks, are slightly off-spec and can only fit in Glock-21 sized holsters. I didn't see the sense in using two-different sized holsters for training purposes so I stuck with the KSC system. I tried the gun out in a few of my Galco holsters, and much to my excitement it fit both perfectly. This bodes well for people who run Serpa's and the like. This gun fit into my Blackhawk with zero issues. My second biggest concern was magazine compatibility Sure it looked like it had TM internals, but would TM mags fit? I can confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that yes, they do indeed work. I will say that they're a wee-bit of a tight fit if you try to seat them with the slide forward though. To rectify this all you need to do is lock the slide to the rear and firmly seat the mag. Nice 'n' easy. I'd like to think I listed my "pros" fairly clearly just now, so I'll just go ahead and list the few niggles that might eat at the average buyer considering picking up a Stark/VFC Glock: Cons -Out of the box the gun is stiff. And by that I mean racking it and such just feels a bit stiff. Nothing a little breaking in with some fresh lube and manually working the slide a fair few times doesn't fix though. -Some of the internals (as you can see in the pic earlier) were left silver. On most other glocks these are painted black. Honestly this isn't even a con, I just know that if you were a collector that might bother you -It is a tad lighter than the KSC G19 I just sold off, but it's not a huge enough difference that the average airsofter would cry over. Interesting points: -The gun seems to use the same (or at least a similar) full-auto internal switch as the TM G18c. Time will tell, but so far this has proven to be really durable. I know there has been some concern over it wearing down over time. Honestly I don't see that happening. It also clicks very firmly from one position to another. WIth very little wobble or slack. -The magazine has cuts on both sides, so me thinks they'll be doing a Gen4 variant at some point. -Trigger spring is the heaviest I've experience on an airsoft glock so far. Suuuper crisp trigger pull. It's still got the same amount of creep as that which plagues all the other models, but the trigger pull is sublime in comparison IMO. -Recoil is extremely crisp and snappy. Definitely better than the KSC's I've had (even with metal slides), but it's been a while since I've fired a TM with a metal slide so I'll reserve judgement there. -The ejector on the slide is a separate piece. It does have some play if you mess with it, but it doesn't rattle audibly or anything. This was a *very* nice touch on their part. -The bearvertail/tang whatever you want to call it on this gun seems to be a few mm's longer than on the KSC/TM Glocks. This may not sound like much, but it makes handling this thing that much nicer since it locks into place a bit more firmly. All in all I must say I'm thoroughly pleased with this gun. It's got all the trademarks that the collectors will love, and (so far) all the performance the skirmishers will too. I've put about 15 mags through it so far, and at 20-30 feet without adjusting the hop up in the slightest this thing was shooting laser-straight. And that it's got the low profile option to switch to full auto was just icing on the cake to me. It's loads of fun to have this thing rocking back and forth in your hands emptying a mag. If you have specific questions about things and/or would like specific pictures just let me know. I believe I've hit all the talking points I had in my above ramblings but I may have missed a few..... Anywho, some more eye-candy:

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