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  1. On my Chrome browser you just right click "inspect" then search through the original lines of code for the actual image. Can be a pain in the butt, but I know the frustrations of the way you got your version haha. I do some graphic design myself so have tips and tricks that I use a lot.
  2. Just in case anyone wants the original KY photo: https://www.kyairsoft.com/web/image/product.template/47373/image?unique=d20daf3 Only been skimming this thread but saw NonEx posted a zoomed in version too. Shame about the silver finish.... can't wait until the Spring so I can actually get out and use mine more.
  3. That's a shame about the cuts on the barrel being too shallow to allow for mounting optics. With any luck maybe RA-tech or some other aftermarket manufacturer will remedy that. Although a bummer, still give this gun a 9/10 so far, personally.
  4. I noticed something and am not sure if it's a big deal or not. I've been out of the Airsoft game for a few years now so I dunno what WE has been up to as far as upping their game with new products, but I believe I have found that the WE Desert Eagles each have a unique serial number. The KY Airsoft page won't let me link the image directly but here's the page and you can see there that the frame of their Desert Eagle says "20160520": https://www.kyairsoft.com/shop/product/we-cybergun-licensed-desert-eagle-50-cal-gbb-pistol-with-marking-black-42224 Ehobby Asia product image:
  5. Yeah they definitely are a good bit wider than the standard grips. I've got bigger hands so it's not an issue. I'm pretty stoked these fit, especially since very TM I've ever owned that had TM's attempt at copying the Hogue grip styles just never felt "right" to me. Oh, and for the record these grips are a 98% drop in fit, in case anybody wanted these and was on the fence about them. They're secure on the gun now as they sit but obviously nobody wants to have a magazine that won't drop free on its own and that gap on the back strap. Kind of hoping that either WE or the aftermarket
  6. I thiiiink I understand your meaning... if so the WE barrel is similar to the HFC in that it's circular and just tapers in from the muzzle into the inner barrel. In good news, the Hogue finger-gooved rubber grips fit! I've been sitting on these Hogue grips for years just knowing that eventually I'd buy another Desert Eagle after my remorse from selling my EHA "custom" Gaurder MBK'd Tokyo Marui. To remove the stock grips there's a circular hole in the bottom of the grip that's got a spring loaded plunger. Just need to find a punch or something similar and push it in while also pul
  7. The WE is *not* threaded for a suppressor. There is faux rifling though. Not the best pics but grabbed a few quick shots with my phone, please excuse the leftover orange tip and adhesive. Haven't had time to clean her up just yet.
  8. Quick snapshot of my current WIP: Slide/Upper(guts, too) is WE, lower is KJ with E2 grips.
  9. "I will work to elevate you, just enough to bring you down." -Tokyo Marui

    1. aznriptide859
    2. judgeman
    3. Gunmane


      Frankly, I expected TM to start playing a certain song by that lad Rick.

  10. Meant to make this a few months back, but finally got around to it. This isn't meant as a personal attack against the users, but they know who they are And just to stay on topic, an airsoft Glock:
  11. I can't speak to the performance figures of both, but the WE has a MUCH nicer finish than the KJW P229 in my personal opinion. The WE has a nice matte-finish, whereas the KJW is an ugly (though functional) shiny black. Just my 2 cents. Oh, and I've been running GBB's pretty much exclusively since I got into airsoft 8 years ago, so I've got a lot of hands on experience with a ton of different models. Just to give you an idea of where I'm coming from.
  12. Picked up a WE F228. I've owned two of the Prime conversion kits for the TM, and I must say I wouldn't spend the money on them again. As a collectors piece, Prime > Everything, but it was just too beautiful to use and abuse in my eyes. So far I'm liking the WE a lot! I've got some plans for her... will update with pics as things come to fruition.
  13. So VFC's making a GBB PPQ. Welp, there goes my money...

  14. -Clover-


    Adding to the M&P goodness: Both guns are VFC OEM'd.
  15. Put some more magazines through it today. With .20's and the hop up on I was able to keep the gun shooting perfectly lazer straight. At a distance of about 25/30 feet I was able to keep the gun consistently hitting an old Daisy 9x9 target box almost dead center. I'd say i was able to keep the groupings within a 3-4 inch diameter. I didn't have any actual target paper, was just taking pot shots so to speak at the cloth backing. As it's still winter here I won't be able to do any meaningful range testing outdoors until Spring or Summer. All the same I'm still very much pleased with thi
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