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hover with mouse preview?

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just a quick suggestion, many (pretty much all of them, in fact) of the other forums i use have a 'preview' type function which shows you the first few sentances of a thread without having to click into the thread itself, by hovering the mouse over the link. i personally find it really usefull in deciding if i want to read a thread or not, or if it even has any relevance to me.


another niggly thing, the date sorting of threads is still not working for me. example: wtf.jpg


any ideas on how to fix the date issue, and thoughts on the hover preview thing?

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The news forum is set to default by the order threads were started, so old stuff doesn't come back up to the top all the time. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, you'll see a bunch of pulldown menus one of those says "order: topic started", change that to "order: last post" and click "go" and it'll go back to normal. hover over previews would be nice, but in the age of tabbed browsing not really essential and would probably mean another chunk of custom code to be re-worked when the forum software is upgraded.

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