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  1. I've been struggling lately. Not entirely sure with what. A friend of mine has recently gone through a divorce, and as such is looking to move to the US part time to take up a new career, other people keep announcing they're pregnant, or having children, or just being happy that they're able to be around their kids whilst they're in lockdown/furloghed/work from home, and that hurts like you wouldn't beleive. This whole thing in the states is getting me down, I didn't realise quite how bad it was, but then a friend over here explained his experiences with the police, an
  2. Eurovision being cancelled is top 5 worst things that this pandemic has done.
  3. take door card off. push window up. put block of wood underneath window. 'fixed'.
  4. I think I would actually choose to have winders if the option was there. They're 100% more reliable than electrics - better mechanisms, less motors, less control units...
  5. You should be able to reuse the existing selector plate. In the many years since I worked on a V3 gearbox I think they're fairly simple to change over.
  6. May need to change the selector plate. fairly certain the G36 ones are different. Hedg: if you were closer I'd 100% offer you somewhere to stay at my place until you got sorted. Wish I could help buddy :(.
  7. I'd only agree to that if we used the International Fixed Calendar. 13 months of 28 days, each month the same, so you know the 5th is always a Thursday, etc. It's logical.
  8. Anyone else kind of want an entire website of "Stunt reviews TNG"?
  9. Mrs Tink had her 12 week scan today. I was excited to share a scan of a tiny Tink with you all. Instead I got a tearful phone call saying that there's no heartbeat. Turns out tiny tink hasn't grown for about 5 weeks, and Mrs Tink's body just hasn't realised, which means we have all the trauma of the actual miscarriage to come. I have no words.
  10. something something Grado Labs. After months of trying, I start a new job on August 19th after a week off the week before and visiting the cotswolds with Mrs tink, and my best friend and his wife. Me and Mrs Tink got back yesterday from a week away camping with our church and had a great time and I've only got 10.5 days left in the motor trade. I'm Happy.
  11. Mrs Tinks Nan died this morning. As all of my grandparents died when I was too young really to have it affect me, this is... hitting me hard.
  12. I wouldn't engineer famines. with adequate proof they would get a subsidy or help to buy more fuel efficient vehicles. I dunno, I just make the rules. It's for peons beneath me to enact it.
  13. My corrodo has 75% of its engine working. My daily golf is now only 25% lowered (new shocks and springs all around but the N/S/F pinch bolt is siezed in place so waiting on some plus gas oil to free it off and a steering knuckle spreader to help knock the strut out.) The tracking's out since changing the track rods with the subframe and roll bar as the centre engine mount snapped the bolts in situ and left threads. Was easier to get a new subframe (£99!) than drill the old studs out. Mrs Tinks car needs a new exhaust thanks to the centre mount arms snapping off the main pipe! Genuine
  14. As minister of transport I would introduce larger minimums for car parking spaces, whilst at the same time introducing a legal maximum size for vehicles to be registered and used on UK roads. Vehicle Excise Duty would be immediately abolished and made up through tax on fuel. Efficient vehicles and people that don't use personal vehicles would be better off. 'Gas guzzlers' and people that drive significant distances would pay more for the upkeep and maintenance of the roads that they are using, as is fair.
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