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Do not repost sales that are closed


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If your thread was closed for bumping or any reason other than you reporting it for closure to relist then it is considered a duplicate, whether you agree with the closure or not.


Forum rules:

Don't post duplicate threads

Multiple threads started about the same thing may be deleted, merged or moved at the moderators' discretion.


If your sale is closed for breaking a rule you do not have permission to repost. Duplicates will be closed and warn points given. Thread closure isn't there to be only a mild inconvience as there would be no point in closing it in the first place if it could just be relisted, it's there because you broke a forum rule and in return you will no longer be allowed to update that thread, although it is still viewable.


If you report your sale to be closed because it's out of date or cluttered, our closing it is giving you permission to repost the updated sale, please do not relist old threads without having them closed first to avoid them being considered duplicates. Please do not ask for the old sale to be closed in your new sale, use the report button only.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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