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    Listen to the 6 foot tall talking dog kids.

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    Books, maps, tools, taking things apart then throwing them away after hours of frustration trying to remember how to reassemble the damned things.

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  1. Never got to say thanks, o hum.

  2. Communicating from beyond the grave via your signature...GENIUS. R.I.P., Ant, R.I.P.

  3. you sucked as a mod.

  4. Banned since when?!


  5. Wow, when was Ant banned? What did I miss?

  6. good night sweet prince

  7. Happy birthday greg!

  8. *Verbal abuse goes here.

  9. Oh, don't worry. You wernt invited it was jsut a general statement.


  10. We're going to disney world!

  11. Happy birthday!

    Could've sworn you already had one though?

  12. Happy birthday chris.

  13. Happy birthday *Ubar* :)

  14. Anteater

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Yep, it's a KHC maverick Model 88(bullpup mossberg M500/590) http://www.arniesairsoft.co.uk/?filnavn=/r...rick_review.htm I thought it would be bigger I heard the pump action was difficult as well, along with the model being very heavy but I'm not having any trouble with either. I do use airsoft shotguns frequently, including the TMs so I assume I'm just used to it (although using a verticle grip is new and somewhat awkward), I love this model so far it's only $100 a barrel Donut.

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