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Weblinks at the front end- missing, errors or duplicates

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I was bored and updating my bookmarks for manufacturers.

Just the Japanese ones so far


killerstudio link - dead

laylax - duplicate

ktw - error

b-pineapple - error

protec - error 404

angs - duplicate

systema - the link just needs fixing.. and the site is still under construction..... :/

smokeys - gone?

Factory Brain - who were they? And dead

Gami - closed in 2008?


This of any help at all?



Taiwan -

KWC -dead



Nato works - dead

SA80 workshop - generic US advert host




What about places such as Ares.

Are TDI in the US list?

Could the whole links thing do with an update?




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The links section is pretty outdated, but I can't do anything about it I'm afraid - only Arnie has access to these sections and he's extremely busy at the moment.


If you wish, you can always post a links thread with a list of news links. That way when I can get access we can update it. :)

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